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Video of Slambots in Action

January 22, 2008

Thanks to Mike at MorrowBotics for providing us the link to this video. This is a promo video shown at IAAPA 2007 that shows three different versions of the Slambot game: the Arcade edition, a special edition made for a center in the Philippines and the Console edition which had been demonstrated at the show. It seems that the game handles quite well in a heavily trafficked environment, with the special edition requiring little to no maintenance since it was launched in July of last year. The other two editions are available directly from the manufacturer.

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SlamBots in action

November 30, 2007

When I caught the news about a product called SlamBots on the latest Stinger Report, I was intrigued. I have personally thought about the application of robotics in coin-op games before but this is the first time I had heard of someone actually trying such an idea. To my astonishment, SlamBots (which made an appearance at this year’s IAAPA 07 event) has actually been available as a coin-op title for more than a year already although I have not found it on any distributor sites yet. Here is a video of the game in action by the company, posted to Youtube. Perhaps by them showing the game at IAAPA again (it washown at last years IAAPA as well, according to the website) it will garner more attention. The sites description of the game is fairly simple:

The goal of SlamBot is simple- SLAM your robot into the targets when they light up! Play solo or head-to-head! SlamBot can be enjoyed by up to 4 players simultaneously (or more on custom systems).

Players can earn points for slamming targets (playing offense) or they can prevent their opponents from scoring by bashing into their robot (playing defense).

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