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Site news: Adding Distributor links to the site

March 24, 2010

As I was looking over the site today I realized that we have been lacking something – and that was hyperlinks to coin-op machine distributor websites. Like our other links we have on the site it’s free to have the links put up (because we’re cool like that but if anyone wanted to donate…), we just need to know about it. I have put distributor sites up that I know about off the top of my head so apologies if I missed your company but if that is the case, say something in the comments so I can check out your website and add it!

You can find the new category about halfway down the page entitled “Distributors”, right below Console Gaming.


Merry Christmas

December 24, 2008


I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and say a big thanks to all of you for following our site. It been two years now since Arcade Heroes launched and it wouldn’t be what it is without you guys. I hope your looking forward to another great year of arcade news, rumours and views and you can be sure to find it all on Arcade Heroes. See you in the New Year!

Arcade Heroes E-Mail

June 19, 2008

Just a quick site update.

Looks like our proper email is now up and running again, so please direct all your tips and stories to;

or click on the “contact us” link which can be found on the top right hand side of the website.


Last week on Arcade Heroes

March 25, 2008

Another interesting week, last week. We got some good feedback on what you all thought of Sega’s RaceTV, we had news of a new Global VR game based on the 2006 console release; NFS Carbon, as well as a new mystery game coming from Signature Devices. Thanks to Shaggy for keeping the news flowing. Enjoyed my long Easter weekend a little too much 🙂 hope you all did too.

Sega Race TV – your opinions

Location Review – Sunrise Fun Centre

Full details on Taito’s re-branding strategy

Ultar of the Unnamed – Casting Call

Hardcore Gamer w/Nascar Review

Shaggy’s Review: Blazing Angels

Need for Speed Carbon coming to Arcades

Signature Devices mysterious new arcade game

King of Fighters XII screenshots

Sega Amusements USA management reshuffle

Missing in Action; Tanks, Planes, Mechs & More

Konami Testing GTI Club sequel

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Last week on Arcade Heroes

March 18, 2008

So we had the usual kind of news this week; haunted arcade cabinets, Mexican wrestlers and a new pinball table from Stern. But most importantly we had some great news that Shaggy’s arcade is one more step closer to reality. The story brought messages of good luck, advice and some really interesting debate on the games that he could get for his arcade. Good luck Shaggy!

Next week my arcade makes its start

Awesome 3D arcade game art

Promises of arcade Street Fighter used to entice visitors to london show

CRT or LCD? A discussion about arcade monitors

First shots of Indiana Jones Pinball

Street Fighter IV’s new mexican wrestler

Shaggy’s Review: Blade Master by Irem

Income results on Japanese arcade games

Free haunted Ms Pac Man cabinet antone?

Big Buck Safari ready to go

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Last week on Arcade Heroes

March 10, 2008

Last week we had mums fighting for thier kids to play arcade games, Japanese fighting to play SF4 (well the would fight if they weren’t so polite) and we had the Conservatives fighting for arcades. Hit the break to see all of last weeks stories.

Moms get into fight over arcade game at Chuck E. Cheese

Initial D 4 coming to PS3

Forbes – Arcade Games Make A Comeback

Tank Adventure and Drum Party

Missing in Action: Scrolling Fighters

Anti-violent video game laws brewing in state legislatures – what effect on coin-op?

The Eat Me LED pegboard design project

The Matrix Arcade cabinet

UK Conservatives Want to Help Struggling Arcades


What have we been playing…..and a new member

February 27, 2008


I’d like to use this post to welcome our latest member to the Arcade Heroes team. HeavyElectricity has been a regular poster on our forums, so I hope you’ll join me in giving him a warm welcome to the team.


– Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations (DS)
– Gridrunner++ (PC)


-Warlords (Arcade)
-Earth Defense Force 2017 (Xbox 360)
-Carcassonne (XBLA)
-Tempest 3000 (NUON)
-Tombstone City (TI-99/4A)
-Hunt The Wumpus (TI-99/4A)
-The Attack (TI-99/4A)

Twisted Supreme

-HL2: Episode 2 (360) Completed it now, gimme Episode 3!
-Fahrenheit (PS2)
-Peggle (iPod)