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GlobalVR unveils Sky Bandits

October 16, 2008

Way back in March we talked about a press release from a company called Signature Devices where they stated that they had completed work on a “new turret-based, first person shooter arcade action game” – since then however we haven’t heard anything about that project so we were beginning to wonder what had happened to it. Today GlobalVR answered that question with a press release, discussing a new game called Sky Bandits for the Vortek V3 system which fits the description of that turret-based, action sci-fi game exactly. Set to be released on Nov. 3rd, it will be an upgrade for the Vortek system (the one with a yellow VR headset that is mounted to a cabinet with an extendable arm) which was released in 1999 so it gets this extra support, which is a little unexpected but likely welcome for operators that have a Vortek and want something new for it.

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I haven’t found any video of the game in action yet but I did find these pictures which feature a very green color scheme. The game is based upon Operation Blockade, which I have not played so I do not know how it compares to other turret-based titles, at least the sci-fi element should make it a little different from the WW2 themed games of the same mold. They do mention that there are a number of weapons upgrades and a lot of different kinds of enemies to destroy, which would be good to see in action.  No word on how much the upgrade will run for yet, I don’t imagine that it will be much though so if it appears on a Vortek machine near you, let us know what you think.

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New Superhero arcade game by Signature Devices

March 26, 2008


I just saw this hit the presses – it looks like Signature Devices has been busy lately as just a few days ago we got a press release about them finishing work on a new turret based sci-fi shooter and now we have word of this. Let me quote the press release and then comment:

Signature Devices, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SDVI – News) is pleased to announce that the Company has finished development on an arcade video game that will include several well known comic book and television superheroes. Signature Devices has developed the game through the Company’s agreement with a major arcade video game publisher. The video game was developed using the company’s recently announced open-source Elemental Engine II.

The game will feature a four-player arcade style co-operative play. Players can play solo or as a team against the plot, which takes place in three separate locations on earth and other planets. Signature Devices has developed the game to allow players to control the powers and abilities of earth’s mightiest heroes in an action packed fight for justice against some of the greatest comic book villains. The Company has developed the game to truly come to life using the co- operative methods best utilized with two to four players at a time.

To me this sounds like it is a scrolling fighter of some kind, but I’ll contain my excitement until we know more details. Still from the sounds of it, I can’t see it being anything else. As for what superheroes we can only guess but I wonder if it will be the Justice League which seems to be popular at the moment. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a scrolling fighter with superheroes (remember X-Men?). The game should look nice too as it uses Signature Device’s Elemental Engine II which was made for PCs and the 360 and it sounds like it has some cool features. We don’t have any pics of this game yet but it might show up at ASI (which I actually might make it to) so if it does, I’ll be sure to get more information.

Either way I am excited to hear about this – if it stays exclusive to arcades for a long time and is fun then this is the sort of thing I’ve been wanting to see from developers. The release doesn’t say who will be publishing the game but I haven’t seen them release anything with anyone other than GlobalVR. Stay tuned as we find out more!

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