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Headed to CAX 2009? Let us know!

July 11, 2009


One major arcade event I would love to attend one day is California Extreme (or CAX for short). I probably say this every year that we post about it, but I figure I should keep that goal so it actually happens one day. As you might know, CAX 09 starts tomorrow and goes through Sunday and it’s one of the larger arcade and pinball shows around where you can not only play a bunch of classic games, but some new ones as well, including some very rare titles. Last year they had a location test version of The Act there and I’m sure that there will be some nice goodies there this year as well.

In case you are lucky enough to make it to CAX tomorrow, drop us a line, let us know how it went and if you want to share any pictures, we’ll be happy to dedicate a post to them.

UPDATE – ChaseThe has posted some videos of the event before the doors open, I imagine that they will be adding more soon

[CAX website] [Discuss on the forums]

First details on Rochester Game Room Show Emerge

January 18, 2008


The Rochester Game Room show is a local buy and sell event of all game room equipment including arcade games and pinball machines. You can also come just to play the games, they have entertainment for everyone. It is located in Rochester, NY. In addition to these items they have pretty much everything else you would want to buy for a home game room, a huge variety of items. They also have a pinball tournament hosted by P3.

I attended last years show and it was very good, it was everything it promised to be and I was not disappointed at all. Last year they had over 325 pinball and arcade games available for play so its quite a sizable show and it is totally worth attending. I will be attending the event this year and I will have full coverage for my readers when the show actually happens. I will also keep you updated with any further details. This year the show will happen in a new location with natural lights so bright overhead lights do not get in the way. This was a complaint of many guests and it has been addressed for this years show. Here are the details known about the show so far:

Date: April 11-13 2008

Location: Rochester Armory

900 East Main Street

Rochester NY 14605

Sign up on their email mailing list via their website to get updates on the show.

Rochester Game Room Show Website

P3 Pinball Tournament at Rochester