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Videos from the Akai Katana (aka Red Sword) location test

July 25, 2010

(Thanks to ECM for the tip)

Interested in seeing CAVE’s new shooter Akai Katana? Then here are some of the first videos of the game in action, as seen recently on location test. I’m used to seeing CAVE use vertical perspectives in their games so this is a little different (like DeathSmiles) but if you are comfortable with bullet hell, then they have plenty of that to dish out in Red Sword.

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Initial sales numbers for Terminator Salvation arcade

May 3, 2010

Guitar Hero Arcade sold 2000 units in 90 days. Big Buck Hunter Open Season sold 3000 units in 90 days. Silver Strike Live sold over 3000 before it was released due to pre-orders.

(Before anyone accuses us of favoring one company over another in reporting numbers like this, we can only report what companies release and most arcade companies keep the sales numbers to themselves. Otherwise I’d be happy to share those kinds of figures)

So how has the well-hyped Terminator Salvation Arcade fared in sales numbers? The reports of it earning strongly on location test seems to have given the game a solid start in sales as Betson is reporting that the game has sold over 1000 units in less than 30 days. The game is also on backorder in Japan and Europe and “other parts of the world”. To compare it to some of the games listed above it holds significance as a) it is not sold in a kit form like BBH: Open Season or Silver Strike and b) it’s the most expensive game to buy out of the titles listed in this post at around $8000 or higher.

Of course it’s also significant as in the US where we constantly see banter about how dead the arcade scene is in the US (which flared up a bit again when news came out about Gameworks liquidating) how is it that we have a non-redemption game selling like this. The number 1000 doesn’t look like much when compared to how people read about console games selling in the millions but there is that issue of price differences again.

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Dead Storm Pirates gets a trailer

February 24, 2010

When it came to games at IAAPA, Dead Storm Pirates is one of those games I probably should have spent a little more time playing. Even though the game was essentially a beta it was still a lot of fun and it looked great too. Namco America has posted a new trailer of the game in action, showing off the game itself as opposed to the cabinet(which you can see here in case you have missed it). One thing that stands out to me with this game is the framerate as it’s quite smooth while throwing a lot of stuff at you on the screen and the sound will blow you away when you get into the cabinet.The game uses System 357, which is PS3 based hardware that has also been used in other arcades such as Tekken 6 and Razing Storm.

Dead Storm Pirates will be released at some point this year (Q2 2010?) worldwide.

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Shooting Match by Yoony Electronics

February 16, 2010


South Korea is really starting to belt out the military style shooting games, as you can see here with the new Shooting Match by Yoony Electronics. We weren’t sent much information about this and I can’t find a website for Yoony at the moment but it looks like it’s another airsoft shooter or something like that, possibly a shooting gallery style game with the realistic looking machine gun. According to the information we did receive, the game is “making good money” and is available now, if I can dig up more I will be sure to update this post.

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First look at Primeval Hunt by Sega

September 25, 2007


(Click to enlarge)

[Thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report]

Kevin has sent us a couple of pics of Sega’s latest hunting game, Primeval Hunt. This cabinet looks awesome – highly detailed, nice screen, eye-catching marquee and as you may notice, it also incorporates a touch-screen! We don’t know how it will be used yet, adinohunt11.JPGbut this might be part of how this shooter will differentiate itself from other shooter games (especially other hunting titles which are huge on the bar scene). It is easy to see how this could take hunting games up a notch, although as usual I need to withhold final judgement until I can play the game. If it incorporates online play that would be great. If this comes out at a reasonable price I could go for it as so far this looks like something that would do well at my arcade.

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