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Edinburgh Interactive Festival 08 to include a seminar by Kevin Williams on arcade games

July 24, 2008

An upcoming gaming event to be held in Edinburgh, UK is going to feature a familiar face here at AH – Kevin Williams, the man behind The Stinger Report & it’s news feeds. Kevin will bring the face of arcade gaming to the event in a 40 minute seminar that will cover three important aspects of arcades and their overall impact on video games, which includes Immersion, Physicality and Connectivity.The seminar will take place on August 11th in the afternoon and is one of the few instances of the amusement sector making a showing at an event that is going to have more focus on console gaming. The press release is after the jump.

It should be interesting to see how his seminar shapes up and how it will be received by those who come to the show, I’m sure Kevin will be happy to give us feedback on how it goes. Good luck Kevin!

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