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Sega's plans for upcoming shows

September 9, 2008

Sega has issued a press release detailing some of the things that we can expect to see at their upcoming events, including a few games we have already heard of (or played), Rambo and Sega Rally 3. Rambo has actually got a face lift and according to the photo we received (which is still prototype but likely that this is the final design) it appears that Rambo now sports the guns we saw on Ghost Squad Evolution instead of House of the Dead 4. They also have a pic of the twin non-deluxe version of SR3. While not mentioned in the release, I would not be surprised if they have a few other games at these shows including titles we’ve previously covered such as R-Tuned Racing, Hummer Extreme and House of the Dead EX. All three of those games are supposed to be released by the end of the year so it would be strange for Sega not to show them off in some form and Hummer Extreme has already been tested in the US.

I have heard that Sega will have Rambo and SR3 at AMOA tomorrow, which I will be going too for a short time tomorrow and part of Thursday, I’ll try and get some video of it time permitting. I did notice that Sega’s booth at AMOA is a bit larger than what they had at ASI and in the press release after the jump they say that at ATEI they will have their largest booth ever so it should be interesting to see.

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Sega Rally 3 screens & video

July 7, 2008

Over on the Sega Amusements website I came across these screens from Sega Rally 3, more of which can be found if you head over there yourself. Also there’s a video for download, which I also found on YouTube as well, which is below for your viewing pleasure.

There’s been a few location videos popping up on YouTube recently. Has anyone set any amazing lap times that you think are unbeatable? Let me know because will be heading down the Trocadero this weekend to test my rallying skills. I didn’t make it down a few weeks ago, so apologies for those expecting my impressions of the game, they will be coming soon!

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Sega Rally 3 now at Funland, London Trocadero

June 16, 2008

For those of you dying to play the new Sega Rally 3, well here’s your chance (and mine!). Our forum member RJAY36 spotted Sega’s latest racing title down at Funland at London Trocadero. I actually paid a visit to Funland a few weeks back with a friend of mine and it wasn’t there, so I must have just missed out on it being installed. Obviously I will be getting up there asap to check out the game myself.

Sega Rally 3 videos

May 24, 2008

As promised, here’s some of the video footage from the game. I’m putting two videos after the break so as not to slow down the main page with lots of flash stuff.

Attract mode

Tropical Stage

Hit the break for Desert 95 and Lakeside footage!


Sega Rally 3: Hands-on impressions

May 24, 2008

Sometimes, a 6:30am wake-up call and a peak hour London tube journey will ruin your day. Today, they absolutely didn’t. The destination was Sega Amusements Europe, where a private Sega Rally 3 launch event was to be held. Arriving somewhat early in spite of transport mess-ups, and finding myself at the wrong door thanks to some slightly dodgy directions, I was greeted by staff and taken in to see the new machine.

For those of you that haven’t been following the Sega Rally 3 saga over the past few months, the game was originally location tested under the name “Super Challenge” (in fact, the name still makes a cameo on the final cabinet, as you’ll see later on). Users of the test machine quickly identified some striking similarities to Sega Rally Revo (or just Sega Rally in Europe), a series update for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC by the UK-based Sega Racing Studio. As I found out today, Sega Rally Revo and Sega Rally 3 were developed side by side, and as a result they share many of the same assets – the music is largely the same and art is shared between the two. The game is an important project for Sega Amusements Europe, as the software has been wholly developed in Europe and is the first attempt by the branch at creating a motion cabinet. However, I’m pleased to say that Sega Rally 3 stands out as an individual game, thanks to a variety of new features and some more subtle changes.

Detailed impressions and some photos after the post break!

Sega Rally 3 revealed

May 23, 2008

Yesterday Sega Europe held a private launch event to demonstrate their next arcade racer and the next game in the Sega Rally series, Sega Rally 3. We first found out about this game a little while ago when it showed up for test at an arcade location in the UK and a reader sent in a picture of the cabinet.

Since the game was tested the cabinet has changed a bit although it still features the large 62″ screens and a motion base. They have now added a car wrap-around to the back seat, similar to something I reported about back in January by an arcade developer down in Brazil. We still haven’t been told much about the game itself yet but we soon should have a first hand report on the game by AH writer Heavy Electricity (his name isn’t showing up under his posts yet but he wrote the Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom post below this one) and we also may find out about the hardware and report on that. From what I know it’s pretty high end stuff so it easily should set itself apart in that realm from the game consoles on the market. Until then enjoy these exclusive pics from the event brought to you by The Stinger Report. (Click on the images to engorge)

UPDATE: Just in case you link straight to this post, the post after this one has some hands-on impressions and more pictures of SR3 in action from AH writer Heavy Electricity. This also includes some details on what makes SR3 different from Sega Rally Revo and the powerful new hardware (called Europa-R) that is running the game.

UPDATE #2: Also just to make sure you catch it, videos of SR3 in action!

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