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The Soviet Arcade Museum in greater detail

September 6, 2010

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Back in June 2009 a story swarmed the internet of the creation of “The Museum of Soviet Arcade Games“. These games from the 70’s and early 80’s were completely unknown in the Western world until news of this broke. When the story first broke they didn’t have a lot of information on the games but since then they have updated the museum’s website and you can even play Flash-based versions of the games. But that’s not the the same as playing the games in person, as it is with all real coin-op games. A blogger by the name of Connel at A Dangerous Business blog had a chance to visit the museum with his wife to check out the games, complete with an in-depth description of every game as well as the atmosphere leading up to and inside of the museum. There are more original games there than had been talked about when the museum first game to light and it’s well-worth the read.  Some of the games like the mechanical Basketball game(with 15 buttons per player!), a “turnip pulling” game by the name of Pepka Silomer and the bowling variation Gorodki would be worth the $10 admission fee to play, let alone getting a chance to glimpse the nausea-inducing communal soda machine.

Read all about it at A Dangerous Business


The Museum of Soviet Arcade machines

June 23, 2009



A long while back, I recall a story showing up on the blogs where someone had come across several arcade games that had been made in the Soviet Union back in the late 70’s/early 80’s. As these were developed behind the Iron Curtain, knowledge about these titles didn’t spread very far but it’s interesting to see how the explosive growth of arcade gaming at the time affected even the USSR. From the looks of it the graphical capabilities of these machines seem to be on par with some early Atari 2600 games and the games themselves seemed to borrow from elements found in many western games although they did not seem to many produce bootlegs of titles that we all know so well, except for one title that looks a lot like Midway’s Sea Raider (1969). Apparently these games were made in secret military factories and have mostly been forgotten even in Russia but one group is collecting and restoring the machines, where you can know see them via the online Musuem of Soviet Arcade machines. You can even play the games in Flash on the site in case you are curious to see how they play. For more, visit the links below.

[The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines] [English page] [Technabob] [Discuss on the Forums]

IgroService – game manufacturer out of Russia

February 2, 2008

The Stinger Report has pointed us to the website for IgroService, a game manufacturer out of Russia that has a few arcade games among their products which seem to primarily focus on gambling devices. It is in question as to whether their arcade titleshotdrussia.jpg are being done legally – they have a strange cabinet design that features either House of the Dead and The Last Bounty Hunter; they have a dance machine called Dance+ that seems to fit Andamiro’s design although the cabinet is otherwise a bit different than what I’ve seen for Pump It up and it’s unknown as to how the actual game is (they state on the site thotrodder.jpghat it was designed by them so it’s possible that it is an original title but we need more details); One cabinet they feature is called Hot Rodder where it states that it uses a “SONY CD Plus system, the possibility to change programs” so that might be running a PS1 in an arcade cabinet; and finally they have a motorcycle game called Lightning Speed which features some interesting looking motorcycle controllers and LCD displays but they do not state if they made the actual game or not and the image islightningspeed.jpg too small to see if it’s something original or if it’s a bootleg of some other motorcycle game. They also have a couple of redemption games, including one crane title. If we can find out more we’ll post about it – it wasn’t long ago I remember an article going around the net that featured information on some old arcade games made in Soviet Russia that no one knew about until recently so it’s no surprise to see more arcade titles out of Russia today.

[IgroService webpage(scroll down to see the arcade titles)] [Discuss on the Forum]