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Metal Gear Arcade location testing in Japan next week

July 4, 2010

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We haven’t heard much about Konami’s Metal Gear Arcade since AOU2010 but next week players in Tokyo, Japan will have a chance to play the game as it’s on location test. From the official page for the game it appears that there are some changes made to the game since AOU – namely cabinet aesthetics and the 3D glasses are less bulky. It’s hard to say how much the game itself will have changed (the small screenshots on the site look sleek at least).

It should also be noted that Konami has been testing out another stereoscopic 3D game, RoadFighters, extensively as of late and there are two more tests planned for next week. I imagine that once MGA starts getting as many location tests as Roadfighters then it won’t be far off from a release.

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