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Rifftrax derezzes TRON

May 21, 2009

Label this under the “somewhat related to arcade games” category but Rifftrax – which is helmed by three former cast members of the hysterically funny show Mystery Science Theater 3000 – has released a rifftrak for the beloved movie which features plenty of concepts gleaned from arcade games, TRON. What is Rifftrax? This link explains all but essentially it is a downloadable commentary that is released for a DVD movie where the commentators riff on the film – similar to MST3k but without the shadows and the hosting segments.

As a fan of  TRON, MST3k and Rifftrax I have wanted to see them do TRON for a while now and they finally have – sort of. Unfortunately none of the former MST3k guys are on the track for this one, instead they got Johnathan Coulton, Paul and Storm. I’m not sure who they are but they seem to do a decent job at riffing the movie if the sample below is any indication.

Next up they need to take on another arcade-related movie known as Joysticks (if this movie had been more popular I would maintain that it is the real reason that the game industry crashed but then again it’s mere existence may have caused it too) . I have never seen it myself but from what little I have seen on youtube it looks pretty terrible and thus ripe for riffing.