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Design-A-Hole is back

March 27, 2009


The popular Design-A-Hole competition run by Incredible Technologies last year to coincide with thier 20th anniversary is back after popular demand. What was supposed to be a one off last year is returning and it’s your chance to be part of the game by designing a hole for the legendary Golden Tee! 

In 2008 this contest was a big hit with players and generated over 20,000 votes. Last year, Dave Hollingshead of St. Charles, Mo. created the winning design. Hollingshead design “The Falls” can be found on Black Hills #15 with its unmistakable waterfall.  Head over to the Design-A-Hole website to put in your entry.

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Mutliple Gaming Goodies!

March 27, 2009

Here a few bits of gaming gear that I spotted this week which we can all add to our list of “Definitely going to buy one of those, but never do”.

Click on the thumbs to enlarge!

A Space Invaders chopping board via Arcade Lounge.  Hopefully this little bugger will stay still while your chopping.



Get cosy with a Goomba in this Mario Bros quilt via Wonderland.



and this rather unique sewn Atari game box! Also via Wonderland.


look closer…




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California Extreme 2009

March 6, 2009


Dates for California Extreme have been confirmed for 2009. The 13th annual celebration of pinball, videogames and other games found in arcades of the past, is to be held on the 11th & 12th July at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, California.

Organisers are always interested in hearing from anyone who would like to bring along their arcade or pinball machine, or from anyone interested in volunteering at the event. Those interested can contact for more information.

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Jazz up your game room with these arcade vinyl decals

October 14, 2008

Looking to brighten up your games room, or any room for that matter? Then check out these simple but effective Pacman & Space Invaders vinyl decals. Apparently they are easy to apply as well as remove. Handy if you don’t like the way you first put them up. I might have to get the Space Invaders. All the walls in my place are white and could do with jazzing up and I’m far to lazy to paint them!

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15 Most valuable arcade games

August 20, 2008

Over at Rotheblog they have put together a list of the 15 most valuable games in existence, the most expensive one being Williams Blaster Cockpit cabinet weighing in at $12,000! Williams games feature heavy in this list, as do some classics from Cinematronics and Atari. All the criteria that was taken into consideration is detailed too, as well as how many are known to exist according to VAPS (The Video Arcade Preservation Society), and GGDB  (The Great Game Database). Definately worth a read.

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Midway opens an online arcade game site

July 12, 2008

When Midway left the arcade industry, it left a lot of people unhappy and in some cases devastated. They had bought up Atari Games not long before that and both companies had been powerhouses on the arcade scene in their own right for many years, both with games that went back to the golden age of gaming. So when they pulled the plug it wasn’t a good thing. To top that off I remember one of their execs thrashing arcades a couple of years ago in an interview and it was pretty obvious that they had no intention of getting back into the game. They still don’t but now they have an online game portal where you can go to play many different games from the Midway and Atari Games catalogues. I’m sure it’s just another way for them to cash in off these great classics, seeing how three different compilation disks have come to the last gen of consoles and several of these games can be downloaded to consoles and PCs already but at the very least Midway is recognizing their past here. It’s not enough to turn them around yet since they have been in a world of hurt lately but it’s always good to see arcade games getting a little recognition from companies that have long since dropped them by the wayside.

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