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The Star Wars Arcade Simulator

March 19, 2008

When it comes to space combat games, few series have received as much arcade attention as Star Wars. The format for the space combat seen in the movies just translates so well into the arcade genre that it has been a natural fit ever since Atari released the Star Wars vector game in 1983. Since then Sega has released three Star Wars games in arcades, including this one, the Star Wars Arcade Simulator. Apparently only a dozen of these units were released in the US and only “a few” made it to Europe. It’s too bad really as the co-op action you see here looks like it would be a total ‘blast’. Maybe Sega should consider re-doing this game on the Lindbergh hardware and giving it another shot in arcades. I’m sure that many gamers would be down for that. Youtube video posted by MisterRiddler.

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Want in on The Act?

November 27, 2007


I have received word from Cecropia that a full cabinet as well as a kit are up on eBay for their cancelled coin-op title The Act. You have probably already seen the footage I’ve taken of the game and you probably know as well that these things are super rare. With only ten kits going up for sale and knowing that a few have already been sold demonstrates that there are only a few left. Getting the cabinet would be nice since it sports a unique design and a large LCD monitor but that will likely command a high price but that remains to be seen. Either way I have felt that the kit is worth it and I should be installing mine into a cabinet this next month. I’ll have to document that and post it for fun.
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Rare Shrike Avenger Cabinet on Ebay In Germany

November 21, 2007


One of readers tipped us off today of a very rare item now currently on sale on ebay. I honestly didn’t know too much about this game and cabinet and there doesn’t seem to be an abundance of info on the game and cabinet. Thankfully our tipster, Sara, gave us a couple of links

[Atari Museum]    [Killer List Of Videogames]

Sara writes……

This is a very rare Bally/Sente SAC II Cabinet. There was only one game made for the cabinet, Shrike Avenger. There were only 10-12 of these cabinets ever made. It was supposed to be a multi game cabinet but that never worked out. I have never even seen a photo of this cabinet outside of the one on the flyer, so this is the first. I was sure this cabinet did not survive this long, looks like it did.

Also below are the brochures for the cabinet and game.


Thanks Sara 🙂

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Video: The Act gameplay

October 26, 2007

So I finally managed to get some sound on The Act by hooking up a speaker that I pulled from one of my JAMMA cabinets. I am considering looking for a cabinet to put the game into this weekend but I don’t really have any more space for a cabinet at this point. I found a cabinet at a thrift store today (Time Soldiers) but they were asking $300 for it which was too much. Anyways, here is a video of The Act – I apologize for the horrible sound, all I had was the built-in mic on my digital camera and as you’ll be able to tell, it’s cheap. UPDATE: If you enjoyed this part, also check out another more interesting part of the game where you actually steer Edgar through a chase scene, physically controlling the movement of a cartoon character.

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