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A few more AOU videos – Gaia Attack 4, Jigsaw World Arena, Puzzle of Ocha, Speed Rider

February 21, 2010

Just a few more videos from AOU I’ve found featuring things to round-up the weekend.

Taito’s Gaia Attack 4. It’s good to see it in action – they used video of real world environments and have overlaid them with 3D  graphics. There’s an interesting Ghostbusters style mini-game at the beginning of this video.

Jigsaw World Arena. This is another new puzzle game that uses the PGM2 hardware for solid 2D performance. This is a four player title that looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Puzzle of Ocha, the other PGM2 powered puzzle game that we had spoke of recently. Nice to see it in action.

Speed Rider by IGS.

Another puzzle arcade title testing in Japan – Puzzle of Ocha

February 11, 2010

I’m not making it any secret that I am quite happy to see more puzzle games making their way to arcades again as I feel that they are a perfect fit for the environment provided by our facilities. They are easy to play, easy to understand and appeal to a wide-array of people in all age groups and both sexes. So that’s why I’m mentioning this location test for a new puzzle game that is testing for an undetermined amount of time in Japan called the Puzzle of Ocha. The game looks like a sort of Columns clone but it uses cute animals instead of gems. While it’s doesn’t look like a graphical powerhouse by any means, it’s always good to add another puzzle game to the list of releases.

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