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PUTT Championship Edition gets an update; a little more on Galactix

December 10, 2009

I saw PUTT Championship Edition at Betson’s IAAPA booth but what I didn’t realize at the time was that they were showcasing an updated version of the game there. Thanks to a press release sent out today, now I know that, and knowing is half the battle. The other half would be the details – they have added a new course and an option for ticket dispensation so the game can serve as a redemption game if the operator so desires it. The 9-hole course addition brings the number of  holes up to 27 and hopefully will equal more replay value for operators who have already purchased the game.

In addition to that we received a press release for one of the more interesting video redemption games seen at IAAPA, Galactix by Chicago Gaming. Even though it’s a redemption game I find this to be great concept as the way they made the game is a bit different from other things I have seen in the coin-op sector in a while. Galactix is a six player game where the coin serves as your controller – once inserted it launches a missile on the screen and if you time it just right you can hit the center target for 100 tickets. This is quite difficult of course as there are many obstacles in the way so it’s more likely that you’ll end up hitting a target of lesser ticket value. It’s both simple and eye-catching, so I imagine that it will be a popular item for redemption centers that pick it up.

For the press releases on both of these games, hit the link below.


A couple of new flyers: DDRX, DJ Max Technika and Putt Championship Edition

April 30, 2009

I dropped by my local distributor yesterday and as I was browsing their collection of flyers, I noticed that they had some new ones in stock. I grabbed a few and decided to scan them in, so in case you are curious, click on the thumbnails below to enjoy.

First off DDR:X. I didn’t realize that the game had an SD card port at ASI so I didn’t look into it but the flyer explains that it allows players to edit the step list at home and bring it to the arcade. I also forgot that this will use Konami’s e-Amusement system for online stats.


Then DJ Max Technicka. This was the nicest of the flyers as it was double-sided and it was card stock instead of glossy paper. This flyer also mentions DJMT’s online features, which was one thing at the show that they were quite excited about.

djmax1 djmax2

Putt Championship Edition. As an augmented reality game, this one is fun although I didn’t get a lot of time to play it at ASI.


Speaking of ASI, I have a few more videos that will be posted soon, I really apologize that it has taken so long to get to them but they should be ready soon.

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