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More game release news: Pump It Up Jump now available; Silver Strike LIVE coming Feb. 15th

January 14, 2010

It’s always a good thing when we have more arcade game releases to discuss and to help keep track of that, I have created a page for all arcade game releases for 2010. I will try and keep that as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

Let me point out a couple of game releases that operators and players can now look forward to: First Andamiro’s Pump It Up! Jump. This is PIU for kids and while I saw it at IAAPA I never saw anyone playing the game (although I didn’t see a ton of kids there either). This is now available according to at least one distributor(others I’ve checked haven’t listed the game yet), BMI Gaming although they are not listing a price for the game at this time. If you have a venue that attracts a lot of kids then this could be a great game to have. It also shows the increased push from some development houses into the “Kidtainment” sector that we have discussed previously.

Next up, Incredible Technologies Silver Strike LIVE has a release date set for February 15th. I did have a chance to play this at IAAPA ’09 although I wasn’t terribly good at it. SSL is promising a number of online features and tournaments that are sure to attract adults to the game and as always IT games carry with them an excellent price tag. IT says that in testing the game has seen a 300%-400% increase in cashbox revenues over previous SS games so that is a major plus to consider as well. You can check out the press release on that after the break.


IAAPA Pics by Kevin Williams

November 27, 2009

Now for our second-to-last post about IAAPA 2009 – the last one will be the attempt at a podcast that we did at the show although we were unable to finish it up for reasons I’ll explain later.

Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report (also a frequent contributor to Arcade Heroes) was at IAAPA and took a number of pictures, including a couple of games that I either missed or didn’t find the time to focus on. Check them out after the break, click on the pics for the full-view


On test: Pump It Up Jump!

August 16, 2008

Thanks to IcePagoda for the tip!

Andamiro is testing out a new version of Pump It up in Vancouver Washington, called Pump It Up Jump!, a dancing game for kids, as you can see by the design and size of the game. Apparently they have replaced arrows with apples and palm prints and the difficulty is quite easy from the looks of it as well. One thing I am surprised about is that I haven’t heard of a test in Asia of this game where I would have expected to have seen this first. Check out the video below, posted by youtube user Kyrandian573

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