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Weekend reads: the appeal of arcades and building your own cabinet; Dragon Punch machine breakage; China gets Audition Online; Orbatak video

July 3, 2010

I’m going to take these recent Stinger feeds and combine them into one again, as a way to save a little time.

Newsfeed 853:

We’ll start off with a nice article about arcades found at entitled “The Perfect Arcade, Part 1: Walking the Retro Road“. The writer gets into why arcades hold appeal and in particular the machines themselves which led him to build a cabinet of his own. Part 1 focuses on how he got to that point and beginning research on building the cabinet, some MAME talk and a little more. Part’s 2 and 3 will get into deeper details on his arcade experience so I look forward to reading that.

Newsfeed 854:

Drunk man becomes enraged while playing a Boxing machine (like Dragon Punch) at his local bar and ends up having to pay $3000 for the damages which occurred. I’m surprised that we don’t come across stories like this more often too be honest. Link

Not a Stinger Newsfeed – Long Entertainment releases Audition Online in China

While Kevin had sent me a link to a story on the national online Chinese tournament for Crazy Speed Arcade, I had mentioned that a part of the Crazy Speed coverage and I didn’t feel that it was worthwhile to give it another post all on it’s own. But I may as well mention it since we’ve got another piece of news coming out of China and from the same company who makes Crazy Speed Arcade. They have yet another title ready to go, a music game called Audition Online. It’s sort of like Konami’s Jubeat, sans the cool touch screens in favor of more traditional buttons.  I could swear that I have heard of an a game called Audition before but I think it was for PCs, so this is likely the arcade debut of the title.

More info on Audition can be found here.

Also not a Stinger Newsfeed

While wandering around Youtube I came across this video of a prototype arcade game from the 90’s that I’ve never heard of by American Laser Games. Called Orbatak, it used the 3DO for it’s hardware and trackballs as the control. I can see where an idea like this holds some appeal but from the look of the game in this video I can also see where it would have needed a little more to it to hold player’s long-term interest. A few more details on it can be found here, it joins the cancelled Beavis and Butthead and Die Alien Scum games in the never-released universe of 3DO-powered arcade titles.

Exclusive: the last coin-op project at Midway Chicago, RIP SQUAD: Raids Against the Reich

April 27, 2010

Back in 2001, Midway made a decision to dump their long standing coin-op division in favor of focusing developments on console gaming.  When that decision came down, there were still some arcade games floating around in the development cycle, which were subsequently canceled and were lost to the knowledge of the public. Fortunately, there are a number of ex-Midway employees who still work in coin-op development and one of them wanted to get the word out about Midway Chicago’s last game to have work done on it, a unique shooter called RIP SQUAD. Many thanks to Scott Pikulski for all of this information, including the pictures and the video. Scott is currently employed with Play Mechanix and has worked on a number of their games, including the recent Terminator Salvation Arcade and the upcoming Wheel of Fortune video redemption title.

Hit the break below for an exclusive look at RIP SQUAD, where I summarize an online interview I did with Scott regarding the game, along with plenty of pictures and three videos. Look for the full interview in an upcoming issue of Replay Magazine.