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Round-up from the JAMMA show (updated)

September 17, 2009

Since I don’t have the opportunity to visit the JAMMA show in Japan, we have to rely on what other sites are showing us in regards to what is going on over there. Thanks to several Japanese game websites, here is a run down of what has been going on at JAMMA.


Sega launches a Giant Tetris website.


More direct screenshots from Famitsu.


Namco also has launched a teaser site for Tank! Tank! Tank! in Japanese. (Image above via Gpara)

While nothing has been shown on Arcana Heart 3, two teaser pics on the Examu blog seem to indicate that AH3 may in fact be a 3D fighter. (see the Upatsu scoop post on this link)

Just so I don’t overwhelm the front page with a long post with all of these big images, you can see more by hitting the link below. And to entice you further here’s what you get: Shots of Namco’s new pirate-themed light-gun title; a card-game from Namco; H2Overdrive in Japan; Shining Force Cross and more Giant Tetris; Project Cerebus; two new and unique games from Taito; Cyber Diver, KOF Sky Stage and more. UPDATE: Pics added for Tetris: The Grand Master 4, Speed Rider, Heat Up Hockey and others via Game Watch (which was found via AM Net)