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Firefighter wins $10,000 gift card from Incredible Technologies

April 18, 2008

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Here’s a good story we received from Incredible Technologies. While it’s always great to see people winning big prizes (as the narrator on SmashTV says: “Big Money, Big Prizes, I love it!”) from arcade games, it’s even better when it’s someone whose job it is to put their life on the line to help the rest of us out, as was the case with a firefighter in Pennsylvania.

The firefighters of Engine Company 2 in Norristown Pennsylvania love their Silver Strike Bowling. They love it so much that they have a machine in their firehouse. And of course it’s an online Bowler’s Club machine, after all the guys love checking their stats and having a shot at the sweepstakes.
They say it’s a great way to kill time when they’re not out saving lives and homes.
And it earns well! Generally bringing in close to $300 every two weeks.
So you can imagine our surprise – and heartfelt joy – when Stephen Keeley, the firehouse’s 9-1-1 coordinator won March’s top sweepstakes prize: a $10,000 American Airlines gift card! Stephen’s entry was chosen at random from over 1.9 million entries.

It’s cool to hear that these firefighters have an arcade game on site there, for some reason that reminds me of the arcade games you see in the background on Ghostbusters. Anyways, congratulations to Steve!

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Silver Strike Bowling 2009 National Championship begins

April 16, 2008

In what is considered to be the largest video bowling tournament ever, qualifying for the Silver Strike Bowling National Championship has begun today, with $100,000 in total prizes on the line. With the potential for 800 winners, this gives a lot of people a chance at winning a cash prize from IT and on top of that if one is good enough(and plays enough) you can make it to the Regional Leaderboards and maybe a trip to Vegas for one final showdown. From the SSB Championship page:

Capped off by a 32-person event at the Kingpin Suite of the Palms Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, the National Championship will captivate, enthrall and fuel players across the country as they try to strike and spare their way to stardom.

And what’s at stake is nothing less than immortality. Eight bowlers from four regions will prove through a six-week qualifier that they have the skill and determination to be called a champion. They’ll receive a trip to Las Vegas, Silver Strike Bowling apparel and gear, invitations to exclusive parties and at least a $1,000 slice of the $100,000 purse – one of the largest prize pots in video game history!

Keep in mind that this is only for SSB2009 and not the previous version 07 and you need to get an SSB players card so you have an ID to follow, which the game will ask for if you select the Bowler’s Menu in the game. Cards should be sold by the operator that has the game and I believe you can also buy them direct from IT, but I’m not sure how. The qualifying event ends on May 31st and to qualify you need to play 100 games. It’s too bad that I’m still not open yet with my arcade like I should be, as I’d jump on this in a heartbeat as an operator. The site below has more details and also national leaderboards.

[2008 Silver Strike Bowling National Championship site] [Discuss on the Forum]

Silver Strike Bowling 2009 release and some big prize giveaways.

March 20, 2008


In a press release sent out today by Incredible Technologies, they have some big prizes that they have given away in conjunction with their SSB Sweepstakes that is always running along with SSB 2007. The grand prize winners for December and January received some fun they could run around in – one received a Harley-Davidson Soft Tail Motorcycle for the winner in Wisconsin and for another winner in Florida they received 2 brand new Sea Doo Jet Skis. From the press release:

 In early January, the Port Richey, FL native and her husband Billy made the simple decision to purchase Silver Strike player cards. Having heard of the benefits of being cardholders – namely the opportunity to enter the sweepstakes – the two saw it as a great way to get the most out of their Silver Strike game play.

Well on January 25, Susan’s new card gave her the ultimate return on investment when it helped her become the January winner of two brand new Sea-Doo jet skis!

This is one reason I’d like to get connected with SSB in my own arcade – for players that get the cards from participating venues I think it gives some extra value for them as in addition to the big prizes, IT constantly gives away cash prizes. With the new SSB 2009, they will be giving away even more prizes. And speaking of that, the press release also reveals that Silver Strike Bowling 2009 will be released next month in April. I don’t doubt that it will be at ASI so we will see how players and operators react to the game next week.

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