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Street Fighter IV pricing (in Japan)

March 9, 2008


While many operators (including myself) are looking to get their hands on Street Fighter IV when it comes out to arcades this summer/fall, one factor that will determine which arcades will be able to pick the game up is the price. AM-Net posted the price in Japan yesterday and according to both AM-Net and a graphic on, to purchase four kits of SFIV, it will cost about 2280000¥ (roughly $22,000 USD with current exchange rates). To purchase four full body DX SFIV systems it will cost 4180000¥ or roughly $40,000 USD. It’s important to note that they are listing this price in units of four and this is not the price for a single unit and this is pricing for Japan, not international markets which is different.

I decided to see how rates compared with titles that have already been released – AM-Net lists Sega RaceTV for 898,000 yen which is about $8700 USD while distributors in the US are carrying the game for a little less than $8000. So either way whatever the price is listed at on these sites, it appears that are a little bit cheaper when released internationally as there are many factors to consider when it comes to distribution. So when it comes to the final price for SFIV in the US or UK we can only guess at this time but when have a decent idea of where it might be upon release – by looking at the exchange rate, dividing by four and looking at how pricing translates with other games, it could be sold for less than $10k. I hope that it is affordable either way – where Tekken 6 is costing $15,000 USD and Namco doesn’t expect the game to sell well I have to hope that Capcom won’t repeat this same mistake and will list it at a price that small, large and route operators can afford to make a good ROI on.

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Pricing for Blazing Angels and UFO Stomper

February 29, 2008

We have more price ranges for two new arcade titles, GlobalVR’s Blazing Angels and Trio-Tech’s UFO Stomper. Keep in mind that these are prices according to one distributor and different distributors will carry these same games for a different (and hopefully lower) price. So how much will these games set back your local operator? Blazing Angels is listed at $9000; UFO Stomper a “mere” $28,999 or $30+ after taxesufoprice.png and shipping. Both games (especially UFO Stomper) are going for higher than I expected but as always my local distributor usually carries games for less than BHM but I’m not expecting the prices to be that much lower through my channel.

Of course FECs will always have the advantage over small operators in purchasing games but it sucks for us small frys when there is pratically no chance we can raise the capital to purchase one of these games (much less pay them off in a reasonable amount of time). At least UFO Stomper is so drastically different that it won’t be coming to home consoles ever but it would be far easier to swallow the price if it were more reasonable – say $10-15k less. Of course the only other interactive floor I know of costs around $20k (LightSpace) so these interactive floors aren’t cheap no matter where you go.

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