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Arcade Propaganda posters and 8-bit chiptune music for the arcade or gameroom

April 13, 2010

The key to making a good gameroom or arcade is partially about the games you have and partially about the ambient of the room itself.Here are a couple of things that can help you make that room a bit more awesome.

First up are these arcade propaganda-style posters, which feature Joust, Donkey Kong, Frogger and Dig Dug stylized like many political or wartime propaganda posters of old, as a way to ‘inspire’ young players to action. Pretty amusing and would look great sitting above the respective games that they represent. [Via GameSetWatch]

Next is for the audible ambient, an album of 8-bit “Chiptune”-style music by video game designer Rob Howard. Chiptune refers to the music being created with mostly emulated sounds from the NES. The music is original content inspired by a number of 8-bit video games in the past, which include a few arcade games in there too. I put a sample below and you can find out more about the album here. (Thanks to Rob himself for contacting us about this)

How much would you pay for an arcade poster? Would you pay $1400+?

November 28, 2008


[Thanks to Oga Shi for the tip]

One cool thing I miss about arcades is that they use to produce a poster for every game that the operator could put up as advertising for that title at their location. While some games today do occasionally come with a poster (mostly ones from Japan or Taiwan – I got one with Oriental Legend 2 and I was told that the BlazBlue kit comes with a bunch of promotional materials), many just have a flyer and not much else. Some old posters have become collectors items, like the nude Centipede poster by Atari or as is the case with this Gradius poster in Japan, which went for approximately $1445 USD or 138,000¥ in Japan. Rarity, condition, the quality of the artwork and the game that the poster belonged to is always a factor with these things but if I ever happen to come across for one of these Gradius posters for cheap then at least I know where to sell one now.

[IT Media – Gradius arcade poster auction goes for 138,000 yen] [Discuss on the Forum]