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National Textminator tournament now live in the UK

February 16, 2010

If you live in the UK, you’re good at texting and you want to win some prizes, then the Textminator tournament is for you. PMT Sales has reported that the tournament is now live and that the game can be found at the Hollywood Bowl in Leeds along with five other machines in the country. 50 machines are scheduled to go out to different locations in the UK over the next 30 days so finding one shouldn’t prove to be too difficult. At the moment the monthly prize is a Playstation 3 and players will also have a chance at £10,000. PMT Sales states:”Initial reaction has been fantastic with kids realizing quite quickly that their texting skills could be used to for their further education.”  More info on the tournament can be found here.

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PMT Sales now running big tournaments for Textminator across the UK

January 8, 2010

If you live in the UK and you are good at texting, then this is for you. UK distributor PMT Sales has let us know about some big competitions they are currently running on 100 Textminator arcade machines that are placed in various locations throughout the country.  What they are offering is nothing to sneeze at – random winners can win brand new mobile phones and later this year they will hold a large competition looking for the “fastest texter in the UK” with a grand prize of £10,000 (about $16,000 USD at current exchange rates). According to PMT:

We have 100 machines going out before easter and each one has a monthly unique prize. If the winner wants to he can then be entered into the final play off at the end of the year. Each machine will have its own leaderboard sent to our new website so customers can keep up to date on scores to beat

That website would be Also from the PMT site, I noticed that they also have custom artwork for Textminator cabinets that can be tailored to a specific phone manufacturer. It’s a pretty smart use of the idea behind the game and I wonder if other companies in different territories around the world will pick up on this as well.

PMT also let us know that they are now hold exclusive distribution rights to Universal Space games, which I covered at IAAPA (Textminator was covered in that same post in case you missed it). UNIS is one company I have been watching since IAAPA as they revealed their first in-house developed game, Ultimate and of course the Cooking Mama video redemption title.

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