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Amusement Expo 2010 Wrap-up part 2 (this time in pictures!) UPDATED

March 15, 2010


We’ve provided a bit of video from Amusement Expo but there were a couple of things that I wasn’t able to grab with my camera but Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report was also there and captured a few moments with his camera, including something I had completely missed, with Namco getting four girls to wander around with Pac-heads on. Good times. Hit the break for more photos.


King of Fighters XII screenshots

March 21, 2008

King of Fighters XII

King of Fighters XII has whipped up a wave of excitement as of late, with a recent poll suggesting that our fine readers are looking forward to it more than any other fighting game, even Street Fighter IV. Part of this is down to a stunning trailer released at AOU which showcased the new high resolution 2D graphics, which arrive as part of the first complete King of Fighters sprite redraw since KOF 96. Anyhow, a bunch of screenshots of this loveliness recently surfaced at Famitsu, so don’t delay in clicking that link!

[King of Fighters XII at Famitsu] [Discuss on the Forum]

Original Street Fighter IV characters in action

February 8, 2008

First we had scans and now we have full screen shots of the original Street Fighter characters of how they will appear in the the upcoming arcade game Street Fighter IV. Japanese magazine Famitsu has the screenshots, a few of which we’ll show you here. (Click on the thumbnails to enlarge)

Chun Li

ch01.jpg ch02.jpg ch06.jpg ch03.jpg


ga01.jpg ga02.jpg ga03.jpg


darusimu01.jpg darusimu03.jpg darusimu04.jpg darusimu05.jpg

E. Honda

hon02.jpg hon03.jpg hon05.jpg


zan02.jpg zan03.jpg zan05.jpg


bu03.jpg bu04.jpg bu05.jpg bu06.jpg .

And just for the heck of it, the new character, Crimson Viper

kuri01.jpg kuri02.jpg kuri04.jpg kuri06.jpg

[Via Famitsu] [Discuss on the Forum]