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Paperboy concept art and an MK9 arcade cabinet

September 2, 2010

The two subjects of our headline have nothing to do with each other except that I found them both on the KLOV forums today. Yes, it’s a slow news day. So here goes a post combining Paperboy and Mortal Kombat into one (hey, there’s a new concept, Paper Kombat)

First is some concept art for a few classic Atari titles. See how they created the sprites for Paperboy, along with some Agent X artwork and a sweet poster for Atari’s Arabian arcade game here on this Flickr photo feed. These were all taken by Scott, who runs

Some of the concept artwork

Following on the heels of that is something that should be in arcades but it won’t be except for fan-made efforts – the new Mortal Kombat 9 in an arcade cabinet of sorts. It’s not a complete cabinet, lacking proper arcade controls as it is a kiosk display for some event, with the game running on a PS3 (no, the game does not have MOVE support;too bad they didn’t take the approach that the Castle Crashers guys have). Still, seeing how the last time we had a Mortal Kombat released to arcades was with MK4, one longs for a chance that perhaps they would give the series some real arcade love once again, like Capcom has at least done with Street Fighter.   This picture was found here and brought up by KLOV user Tighe