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The last Pac-Man cake you’d ever need

February 11, 2010

People making cakes about popular video game/arcade characters is becoming more of an art, as the boutique cake business creates fascinatingly detailed sculptures based upon different themes on a daily basis. Here is a Pac-Man cabinet cake – quite impressive. I had got a Pac-Man shaped cake for my last birthday but it wasn’t anything quite like this (not that I don’t appreciate the cake I got; it was delicious). You can find out more about the cake from it’s creators, Jet City Cakes.  To top this they should do an original Star Wars cockpit cabinet or a Sega R360, either of those would turn heads.

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Take a stroll through the virtual Pac-Man museum

June 13, 2009



Not many video games have enough material created around them to garner the attention needed for a museum type display but Pac Man certainly has and that has led to the creation of an online Pac-Man museum. The site is not endorsed by Namco but if anyone would ever put an actual Pac-Man exhibit to go to, the person who runs this site would be the one to talk to about it. They look at the many Pac-Man collectibles that you can find out there, cover the game’s history and provide a great source for buying everything Pac-Man related. check it out at the link below.

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Pac-Man makes the obligatory energy drink appearance

January 17, 2009



Street Fighter got an energy drink recently so why not the other great arcade icon, Pac-Man? Well, I wouldn’t have cared had Pac-Man never been used in marketing energy drinks but since he has, here is the mention of it. It’s cherry-flavored only – which is too bad as they could do all of the edible items in Pac-Man and really go all the way. I’m sure that Pretzel or key flavor would do really well – at least they wouldn’t vary much from what energy drinks usually taste like. 😛

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Arcade Art – hand painted 8-bit goodness

December 9, 2008


We’ve discussed arcade-related artwork before but I hadn’t thought of looking up “Arcade” before to see what would pull up. It seems like a no brainer now, but there is a website called that is run by UK artist Donna Pike (who pointed us to her site) where she makes different kinds of artwork inspired by 80’s video games. From Pac-Man to Mario to Donkey Kong, she has many pieces of work that uses a variety of methods for what she has done. It would be cool to see more characters from some classic arcade games but either way the pixel art she has done isn’t digitally printed but all painted by hand (whether it’s on canvas, a mosaic or something else) which I think gives it much more value, and some of the backdrops used for the pieces of work are pretty cool. Check out the links below for more

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The Pac-Man Christmas Ornament

November 12, 2008

It’s that time of year, where stores start jumping the gun for the Christmas holiday and begin rolling out thepacornament merchandise well before the month of December rolls around. It’s a little easy to get worn out early on since where I live several radio stations got it into their heads that it would be fun to start playing all Christmas music all the time starting on Halloween (I just avoid those stations but it is still irritating) but that’s all part of the game these days.

Whether you have already purchased your Christmas tree or you are deciding to wait until December, this ornament is the perfect addition to any gamer’s tree – the Pac-Man arcade cabinet tree ornament. It even lights up and plays sounds from the game so it’s one of those few things that could probably work as a decoration on something other than a tree, in case you don’t celebrate the holiday or you just need arcade decorations for some reason. The ornament is only available in Hallmark stores and it’s running for $18.50 but it is available now. I might get two, one for the store and one for home. 😉 Next they should do games like Sinistar, Berzerk or Gorf – anything that had voice in the game to taunt the player, you could have a bit of fun with that.

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Video Review: Namco Classics Collection Vol. 2 UPDATED

September 3, 2008

Here’s another video review from a game at my arcade, sorry about the delay but I had misplaced my transfer cable but after finding it I’m ready to make videos again. Today we’re looking at Namco Classic Collection Vol. 2 which was released back in 1996. It includes three classic titles on it’s roster – Pac-Man, Dig Dug and Rally X. This game also includes upgraded versions of each game that stick to the same premise but adds new features to the game making them new. Pac-Man and Dig Dug are big names that everyone recognizes but RallyX might have gone under the radar for some people. RallyX has you racing on a scrolling playfield so you can go in any direction you wish, gathering flags to move onto the next level. At the same time several cars are trying to smash into you and you must avoid them by using things like a smoke screen to avoid them. I missed out on RallyX in the video because my battery died but if anyone wants to see more on the updated version of the game I’ll make a second part.

UPDATE: I recorded some footage of RallyX that was missed on the video above, here it is below

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Pac-Man – The Real Story

May 4, 2008

[Via Kotaku]

You have to love it when a T-Shirt design turns into a narrative for what really is going on in Pac-Man’s world. Innocent little guy being chased by ghosts in a maze? Scratch that, try a space man overdosing on pills and hallucinating! As it stands, it is a good narrative as to why one should not take drugs in space while running around in futuristic labyrinths. [For the T-Shirt, visit]

For the YMTND animation (which is great for startling people near your computer if the volume is up high) check out Don’t Do Drugs In Space! Please!

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