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Outrun Online Arcade coming to XBLA & PSN

December 19, 2008

Great news for Outrun lovers. Sega’s classic racer is coming to XBLA and PSN in early 2009. From the above video it looks like we will be getting a similar game to the original xbox home conversion of Outrun 2.

Hopefully this game will do better than the xbox version. Obviously I’m not talking about critical success, more retail. It may have sold OK, but there were never many people playing it online. Now that xbox live has even more members and the fact this is sure to be cheaper as it’s download game, we may see a lot more people playing it. I, myself , can’t wait to battle it out against the worlds best on my favourite arcade racer!

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Location Review : Phoenix Arcade @ The Summit

May 27, 2008

Here in Niagara Falls, NY there is a mall called The Summit and in addition to the Krow’s Nest with the bowling machines there is another arcade called Phoenix arcade. They have 2 storefronts in the mall. They have a wide variety of games between both their storefronts including the original Outrun simulator, classic games, some modern games, prize cranes, foosball, air hockey and much more. Their newly opened arcade is decorated very nicely on the outside. Here is a video of the newly opened arcade.

Overall the location is very clean, the games are priced cheaply at 25 and 50 cents per play, however this location suffers from many of the problems that classic arcades suffer from such as dead games and lots of monitor problems on the games. The phoenix arcade has quite a few games though and keeping up with them must not be that easy.

A video of their other storefront in the mall will follow in a short while.