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eBay oddity of the day: Sega Flash Beats

March 21, 2010

Long, long ago when Arcade Heroes first started, Matt (the owner of the site) used to post regular updates about cool arcade related stuff he would find on eBay. I have been terrible in keeping that initial tradition alive as I don’t use/check eBay very often anymore.  I too often come across things I want to buy and I then end up spending more than I originally planned I as I keep finding those cool “things”.

But as I was looking around today I came across something unique enough that it’s worth a post here. I am sure that music game fans are already familiar with this game but I have never seen nor heard of these before today, a device called Flash Beats by Sega. I am not exactly sure when these were made but they look like they are a recent game. According to the auction: “[Flash beat is] a musical game requiring fast reflexes, the tubes inside the machine light up as the music plays, players need to hit the corresponding yellow buttons at the right time to send the lights back and forth to each other – get light past other player to score.”

It actually sounds like a fun two player game and the cabinet looks nothing short of awesome in my humble opinion.  I would pick it up (I love weird/unique stuff like this) as it’s actually not terribly far from where I live but there is always that little nagging issue of having enough money to drop on it. 😉

Here is a video I found of the game in demo mode.

See the auction here: “Very Rare – Sega FLASH BEATS Arcade Game”