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Incredible Technologies brings Carnival King to WiiWare

November 7, 2009


News has been slow this week – which I will blame on the upcoming IAAPA show as companies hold onto announcements for the big event. But one piece of news that is sort of arcade related that has been brought out before the show is that Incredible Technologies is embracing the Wii once again(they had ported Target Toss Pro: Bags to the Wii a little while ago) and they are bringing one of their older games back from the coin-op world, Carnival King. If you are unfamiliar with Carnival King, it is a shooting gallery style game that IT released back in 2002 and the WiiWare port will only run you $7. IT sees this plan of bringing some of their content to home consoles as a way to develop interest in their current coin-op market titles. For more details on this new WiiWare release, see the press release after the break.


Target Toss Pro: Bags heads to the Wii

November 18, 2008

I found this as a little bit of a surprise as Incredible Technologies hasn’t taken many games over from the coin-op market to the home market (they did do a GT game for cell phones last year) but I suppose that services like WiiWare are becoming irresitible to tossitdevelopers from every corner and Toss Pro is a game where it’s a no-brainer to see it work with the Wiimote. I still haven’t played the arcade version of the game yet (I saw it at AMOA but spent my time playing Power Putt Golf) but I wonder if this means that IT will begin to send more of their games over to the Wii.

In another IT related topic, I noticed that the youtube service being offered by Golden Tee LIVE 2009 is in full swing now. If you type in ‘arcade’ or ‘Golden Tee’ and hit most recently added there are videos of great shots all over the place. I would need to practice quite a bit to manage some of those.

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Crazy Climber coming to Wii

August 20, 2008

Last year the somewhat well-known arcade classic Crazy Climber updated for the modern world and it was released in arcades in Japan. It didn’t receive any glowing reviews but that doesn’t stop them from cashing in on the Wii. I never saw much on the arcade graphically so I’m not sure if these will be exactly the same but you can still add this to the list of modern day arcade-to-console conversions that use waggle.

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Wii gets a hospital kiosk; Xbox Arcade machine still AWOL

June 26, 2008

Not long ago we reported that Microsoft designed some specialized kiosks with an Xbox 360 into hospitals and now Nintendo is doing the same thing with the Wii. I’m a little surprised that Nintendo is falling behind Microsoft in this regard since MS had something setup first but I’m sure that a lot of hospitals have had Wii’s setup in an ‘unofficial’ manner for kids to play for sometime now. Either way it’s great that kids get to do something to take their minds off of the situation that they are facing.

So this can lead us again to wonder when someone will try out something like this but with a coin box attached. I have noticed that most of the attempts to bring a game console to the coin-op arena have been focusing on the 360 instead of the Wii which arguably is the more popular system. Perhaps Nintendo’s famous track record of lawsuits and pwnage in the courts deters people from trying although I would think that the same would happen with Microsoft or Sony. Unless the companies undertake the effort to do it themselves I have doubts that they’ll let another company setup their product as a coin-op arcade machine.

Speaking of the Xbox Arcade Machine I posted about yesterday, it looks like it’s not ready to go just yet (surprise!) although the website for the machine changed but that isn’t saying much. From their news it will be showing up in Asia in the first week of July and then they will send out press releases. Like usual nothing extraordinary happens when the countdown timer reaches zero so we’ll have to still wait and see what happens next week. To the right is an image of the change to the website, or you can witness it with your own browser here.

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Arcade game simulation for game consoles via Wii Fit

November 10, 2007

Remember Alpine Racer? If not it was a skiing game for arcades that used a unique control setup (movable skis) to simulate skiing. Now game consoles are catching up, with Nintendo’s Wii Fit board which features a skiing game that is reminiscent of Alpine Racer. I love how the mainstream game media keeps saying that arcades are behind but if that’s the case why are consoles trying to catch up with 10+ year old arcade titles?

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