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Street Fighter X Tekken could get a coin-op version after all

August 19, 2010

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This seems to be a new trend for Capcom these days, announcing a fighter with coin-op roots but only talking about a console version of that game until later when they suddenly allude to the coin-op version of the same game. That’s how it was with Super Street Fighter IV and now that could also be the case with Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter. According to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report:

Sources at GamesCom reported that while Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono and Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada –demonstrated Street Fighter X Tekken gameplay to event attendees they alluded to a amusement version of the Capcom and Namco Bandai versions.

It will probably be a while before we hear anything else on the coin-op versions of these games but it’s nice to know that they are being considered. Namco at least has a strong network setup internationally for handling the production and sales of these games in the coin-op sector. I wonder if they would have Street Fighter X Tekken use the same setup as SFIV (VS. configuration) and Tekken X Street Fighter use the same cabinet as Tekken 6(2p on 1 cabinet). Such options would be a great way to see what players and operators really prefer (according to our poll players the standard 2p cab setup won the vote) although why not offer both cabinet configurations for both games and see what sells best?

Arcade Heroes Podcast #14 : Arcade shows, game news and more with Kevin Williams

May 15, 2010

We haven’t forgot about the podcast although I admit to slacking on it lately. It didn’t help that we had to start over on this one due to the program I was using to record it being shutdown by someone else towards the end of our attempt and the recording being lost. But we tried it again and here we have Podcast #14. At this point, Kevin and I will do a podcast about once a month, unless there is so much news out that it warrants two.

This time we discuss:

-DEAL and GTI 2010 shows along with the 3D gaming trend that is starting to poke it’s head out there

-Gameworks update as it appears that the Reuters article got it wrong and Gameworks is doing a lousy job at message control (I.e. – several Gameworks locations to remain open)

-Other arcade openings around the world and company earnings discussion

-Talk about upcoming fighters, developments in music gaming, other new game releases

-And a little more

You can download the podcast here (163MB; MP3 file)

The Arcade Heroes podcast #13 – not too professional but it works

March 16, 2010

Here continues the tradition of not really holding to a tradition with the Arcade Heroes podcast with Episode 13. Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report joins me once again as we discuss

  • Amusement Expo 2010 and many games in detail – From the already popular Pac-Man Battle Royale to Terminator Salvation, Deadstorm Pirates, NASCAR Team Racing, Nirin, Go Go Grand Prix, Friction, Pump It Up Pro 2, DJ Max Technika, Marubot Football League, Wheel of Fortune, Panic Museum, Tippin’ Bloks and more
  • A little bit on the situation regarding ASCAP with music arcades like Guitar Hero
  • Arcade-related stuff that has happened outside of the Expo that I hadn’t had time to cover on the site yet or it happened when we were in Vegas
  • More details on that Midway surprise I mentioned on Twitter a few days ago and what it is exactly

While it doesn’t look like much, it goes on for nearly an hour and 45 minutes. Thanks to Kevin for joining me at my arcade via Skype and apologies for our listeners when Kevin was cut out inexplicably a couple of times (which I why I call this not too professional) and a kid stopped the recording on the computer I was using right at the end but I think we were able to salvage it there. Either way, you get probably more details out of this about Amusement Expo 2010 than anything else so I hope you enjoy it.

Download the podcast here! (94.3MB)

Arcade Heroes Week-in-review Podcast Episode 5

July 13, 2009

This week on our podcast, Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report joins me again as we discuss not just the news of the week but some other aspects of the arcade industry as well, including a retrospective of the once great arcade company Midway. We also cover a little bit of news that wasn’t on the site this past week but is relevant to what we do.  This is the longest episode yet with a little over an hour of content so we hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download the podcast!

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Arcade Heroes Week-in-review podcast #4

July 6, 2009

Another week another podcast, I did this one solo and in addition to discussing the news we saw this week on AH, I also discuss the Midway purchase by Warner and the release of Demon Bride. There’s more than that of course so click on the link below to download it.

Volume issues should be solved this time, but please let me know in case you hear any issues. I wasn’t at the arcade this time, I was visiting my parents and did it on my brother’s PC so no ambient arcade noise this time around, but I’ll be there for the next one.

Click here to download the podcast

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Arcade Heroes Week-in-Review Podcast Ep. 2 – Terminator Salvation, console ports, new Sega hardware rumor, Robo-Basho loc test and more

June 22, 2009

Another week has passed and here is another podcast reviewing what went on throughout the week but discussing the topics in more detail where possible. On top of several topics which you have arleady read about, from to Terminator Salvation on location test, I also discuss a new rumor regarding the next piece of arcade hardware after Ringedge that I have heard about and I also detail the current location test of a robotic coin-op game that we have discussed before known as Robo-Basho.

Click here to download the podcast!

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A couple of new flyers: DDRX, DJ Max Technika and Putt Championship Edition

April 30, 2009

I dropped by my local distributor yesterday and as I was browsing their collection of flyers, I noticed that they had some new ones in stock. I grabbed a few and decided to scan them in, so in case you are curious, click on the thumbnails below to enjoy.

First off DDR:X. I didn’t realize that the game had an SD card port at ASI so I didn’t look into it but the flyer explains that it allows players to edit the step list at home and bring it to the arcade. I also forgot that this will use Konami’s e-Amusement system for online stats.


Then DJ Max Technicka. This was the nicest of the flyers as it was double-sided and it was card stock instead of glossy paper. This flyer also mentions DJMT’s online features, which was one thing at the show that they were quite excited about.

djmax1 djmax2

Putt Championship Edition. As an augmented reality game, this one is fun although I didn’t get a lot of time to play it at ASI.


Speaking of ASI, I have a few more videos that will be posted soon, I really apologize that it has taken so long to get to them but they should be ready soon.

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And then, there was magazine coverage

August 15, 2008

It’s been a while since arcades got a lot of attention that they deserved in mainstream gaming magazines. I have tried to combat that a little through articles I have written for HardCore Gamer Magazine and for a while (their most recent issue includes a review for Primeval Hunt that I wrote not long after ASI) they have been one of the very few voices willing to give arcades a fair shake (which reminds me, I need to get another article written up for them) but unfortunately they are now only publishing once every quarter so it’s not something you’ll run into that often.

Anyways, in several recent game magazines that have hit store shelves you might be surprised to find a bit of arcade coverage in them. I’m not kidding! It might not be exactly what you would expect – most of it just discusses Street Fighter IV while leaving out any mention of the fact that there are several companies producing brand new coin-op games, several of which are exclusive to arcades – but it is a start, almost like a nice drizzle after a long drought. We’ll have to see what happens here in a few weeks when manufacturers start showing off new content. IMO it would be wise for arcade makers to make a demo disc to send out to the media, with footage of the game in action or something to perk interests in the media but that’s just me.

Hit the post break below for the rundown


Pinball on TV

June 24, 2008

Stern has been on a roll lately. Indiana Jones seems to be doing well (it has been earning quite well at my place, I even had one person play it for 3 hours straight the other day) and they have more to come. On top of that they have been getting their name out there as is seen in this segment from the MSNBC Nightly News the other day.

Unfortunately wordpress doesn’t allow embedding from their site but you can click on the link below to watch the video in it’s entirety. It shows the new Indiana Jones and Shrek Pinball tables, some classic pins as they take a short look back at pinball and they even show Tokyo Drift when contrasting pinball to video games. Overall it’s a good video and as the one guy says towards the end, pinball is seeing a resurgence in popularity as of late, all Stern needs to do is keep it up (although hopefully they’ll have fewer releases like Wheel of Fortune and more like Indy).

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ASI 2008 News Recap

April 2, 2008

Just to help you in case you missed/overlooked anything, here is a recap of some of the news to come out of ASI this past week, either at the show or because of the show:

Betson/Raw Thrills’ releases The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift Kit – We first heard about this in the comments section on one of our recent posts and it was confirmed at ASI with several cabinets converted to Tokyo Drift. The kit can go into Crusin’ USA, Crusin’ World and SF Rush 2049 and will cost between $2200 and $2600. It includes the game board, artwork and I believe the steering wheel. Done right the cabinets look great, even brand new if the monitor is in good condition and the cabinet itself is cleaned up.

Big Buck Hunter Pro reaches 10,000 units made – 10,000 is the golden number of sales in the coin-op industry and BBHPro is the latest game to break that mark. Along with this we are also seeing the release of BBHPro Tournament Edition with several cool online features that includes Hunting Parties – the game will alert others in your hunting party about the progress of others so if one of your friends beats your score, it will send you an e-mail or text alerting you that you’ve been beat. Great idea and we should learn more soon.

Big Buck Safari released – it is official now and it costs less than $5000 with more features than BBHPro has (minus the new online version). The Deluxe version is still being worked on but was at the ASI show and I was told that an online version of BBS will eventually make it’s way to arcades.

GlobalVR to release Need For Speed: Carbon in arcades – we don’t have any details on this yet but it is clear that GVR is targeting the technical arcade racer angle.

iMOtion to release Power Boat – a little know developer in the arcade scene is pumping up their selection with a new motion-based boat racing game called Power Boat. We hope to get more information on this one soon but I did see a video of it in action and it looks good.

TouchTunes and Merit to release portable touchscreen tablet devices – bartop touch screen games are about to move into the portable territory with new devices by both TouchTunes and Merit. I saw the TouchTunes model which included a D-Pad and two buttons (which weren’t functioning on the prototype model but should be later on) and it even has a credit card reader built-in to the unit.

Namco to use Wii hardware in future arcade games and the possibility of Pac-Man CE in arcades – In my interview with Namco I discovered that they are considering using the Wii hardware to power future arcade games as a means of lowering development costs. This does not mean that they’ll use Wiimotes and most likely they will modify the hardware to make it more powerful than the home edition (a common practice by Namco). Also we could see Pac-Man CE make it to arcades at on point in time but there are no details on this other than the idea is on the table.

Andamiro releases Oh! Hammer 2 game – Andamiro has released an interestinghammer2.png coin-op game that uses soft mallets and an interactive screen with several mini-games built-in to the unit including a few head-2-head games for two players. There are 8 single player stages, 2 co-op stages and 6 versus stages. [Oh!Hammer 2 site] (Thanks to Kevin Williams for a correction on the title)

Self-redemption cabinets now available – Smart Industries has made some new cabinets that can house redemption prizes and count the tickets for customers and let them choose what they want, thus allowing for certain venues to have a redemption setup without the big desk and manpower needed to watch over it.

If I forgot to add anything, I’ll be sure to update this post.

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