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Taito opens new flagship arcade in Yokohama Japan

April 30, 2010


Taito has a new six story arcade to check out if you happen to be in Yokohama Japan, and they were happy to start it off with a bang. Company executives showed up and made some speeches, they had a celebrity, Maomi Yuuki on hand ; Taito announced a new line of plush products to be carried in their cranes and they even had the new Gaia Attack 4 machine

In-game shot from Gaia Attack 4

on display. You might recall from AOU that GA4 is a four-player light-gun game from Taito/Gamewax which features CGI content overlaid onto real-world footage. While the game isn’t set to release until July, the demo version they have setup here includes footage from this Game Station location.

If you look at the Game Watch article about this though, they don’t have many details revolving around the exact games you can play there as apparently the plush line featuring characters Gaspard and Lisa is a pretty big deal. I imagine that some of Taito’s latest arcade releases are there, including Music Gun Gun, elevator Action Death Parade, Cyber Diver and others. They do list what content each floor has however with the basement housing crane and music games, the first floor more cranes, the second floor gun and card games, the third & fourth floors feature medal games with the 4th focusing on Pachinko, the fifth floor mahjong games and the sixth floor sticker picture machines. This brings a total of 300 machines tot he operation, which should help stave off boredom for even the most picky players. The store uses LED lighting to keep electricity costs down and the first and sixth floors employ a fragrance deployment system to enhance the environment of that particular floor.

You can visit the official website for this location here.

[Details via Game Watch]

Large new FEC complex in development in Homer Glen, IL

February 11, 2010


If you live in or near Homer Glen, Illinois, then this should come as good news, a development group is currently in the third phase of planning a large family entertainment center to be opened in the city sometime in the near future. Currently labeled as Waterfall Place, the design will feature architectural inspiration taken from Prague, filling in 60,000 sq. ft. four-story building that will include ” boutiques, a nightclub, dining and office space on three above-ground levels and a gaming arcade in the basement.” The news article mentions several companies who are interested in helping fill the space up, including a “national gaming arcade company” but they do not mention which company that happens to be. Where Illinois happens to be the center of arcade game development these days, it could be anyone looking to either expand in the state (Sega and Namco has facilities there already) or start up a new place. Ground will break for the location possibly by this summer, I imagine we’ll find out more then.

[Via the South Town Star] [Discuss on the forums]

New arcade location in Fairfield, OH: Arcade Legends

June 6, 2009


We’ve got more news of new arcade locations opening and this time it’s from one of our readers who has opened up their own arcade in Fairfield Ohio. Called Arcade Legends, they have over 3000 sq. ft. filled with the right mix of classic games (like Robotron 2048/Joust, Galaga, Tron, Dig Dug, Millipede, Ms. Pac Man and more), fighters (such as Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Darkstalkers 3, Super Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat 2), light-gun games (Ninja Assault, Carnevil, Area 51 Site 4, Gunblade), a Supergun cabinet with 30 boards they can swap out and much more to provide a wide variety of arcade gaming goodness. They also have a few pins, including Star Wars Episode I, Pinbot and Terminator. To top off the gaming they have 3 Xbox 360’s setup, one of which is hooked up to a 106-inch screen where players can expect to play SFIV/KOFXII/BlazBlue and they also have a small network of gaming PCs to play. All in all, it is a real gamer’s paradise and they opted to eschew coins for an entry fee where you pay once and then everything inside is free (except the PCs). The admittance fee does change depending on the day but the details are on their website. Top this all off with some tournaments that they will be holding and Arcade Legends is one sweet arcade that I would love to visit if I am ever out in Ohio. I also want to send the best of luck to the owners and welcome them to the arcade operator fold. Be sure to support them if you live nearby or if you are just passing through!

[Arcade Legends Website] [Discuss on the Forums]