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SNK Neo Geo 20th anniversary T-shirt

February 16, 2010

If you’re familiar with Japanese video game merchandise, you might well have heard of the clothing company Mars16. They’ve been responsible for some very tasty Sega AGES 2500 tie-in stuff in the past, and lately they’ve started doing some SNK T-shirts too. While the previous two have focused on the company’s iconic fighting series Samurai Spirits and The King of Fighters, the third SNK-related design celebrates the 20th anniversary of the legendary Neo Geo MVS hardware. The front shows an MVS cabinet, while the back appears to list every game from the machine’s debut in 1990 to the final release, Samuarai Spirits Zero Special in 2004. As with much of Mars16’s work, this is lovely, stylish stuff. It’s also a pain to get hold of if you’re not in Japan, so you might want to collar a friend with a Japanese address and get them to take a delivery!

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The DIY Mini-NeoGeo cabinet

August 13, 2009

Arcade cabinets are never seen as truly portable devices but this mini-Neo Geo cabinet certainly could be. The designer of this particular model has created mini-cabinets previously but those used old consoles. This uses real Neo Geo hardware as opposed to emulation and the cabinet artwork + design is quite sleek. Here’s a video for more

Also there is more info on this modder’s previous efforts here.

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