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A look at NBA Pinball

April 30, 2009


I’ve been sitting on this for a few days in an attempt to find out more but as Stern’s latest pinball game approaches it’s manufacturing period, it looks as though what I had heard to be correct. This is not the first NBA-based pinball game to ever come to the market and in looking at the design of this latest game, all I can say is that it’s very disappointing. The reason? If you take a look at the new NBA Pinball and compare it to the old Sega pinball Space Jam – well, you’ll see what I mean. The games are very similar, with a few minor changes, such as a centrifuge style device in the center on the new one. Now call me crazy but is there any reason to be excited about new pinball games being simple re-hashes of old ones?   Of course if this is what people really want then I suppose I can’t blame Stern for not trying to do something interesting anymore. It is true that many people who see this now have probably not seen the old Space Jam game but I still find it rather lame that this is the path taken for a pinball game in 2009.

To see what I am talking about, compare the two images below. Click to enlarge.

stern_nba_pinball_field sjampin

That all being said, if the minor changes make it more fun than Space Jam then I suppose that could be a good thing. I also have seen one distributor carrying this game for a lower price than other new Stern games.

If you would like to see more, The Pinball Blog and have more from a location test of the new game.

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NBA and Big Buck Hunter coming to pinball via Stern; and see the new post-apocalyptic stripper-themed pinball machine called Lost Vegas that is NOT by Stern

April 9, 2009

Well there is a bit of pinball news to kick around today it seems. First off, I wanted to pass along something that I have found out from a couple of different sources and that is what is next on the table from Stern now that 24 is out and about. In something that I found to be a surprise, Stern will be bringing Raw Thrills’ Big Buck Hunter to pinball, which is the first video game license to make it pinball in sometime and after that, they have licensed something to do with the NBA but I could find out very little about that. Having a video game turned into a pinball can be a good idea as it can pull fans from that game into pinball (personally I am surprised that a Halo-themed pinball hasn’t been done yet) – as long as the game is good. Where BBH is still one of the most popular coin-op games in the US I can see where this makes sense but we will have to wait and see what happens with the actual game. As for NBA pinball, that’s something else we’ll have to wait and see on.

In other news, one company is now in the process of creating their own original pinball machine conversion kit. Classic Playfield Reproductions is now working on creating a title called “Lost Vegas” that will be released sometime in 2010 as a conversion kit so you can have a new and original pinball machine. They plan on making 100 kits and possible some full lostvegasmachines as well from what I have read.  The theme itself is NOT for kids however as the story revolves around a story of strippers set in a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. This also marks the first non-licensed pinball machine (something I have heard a number of people comment about lately – I think people are hungering for something that isn’t based on a TV or movie license) we’ve seen since High Roller Casino. It’s too bad for operators who target people of all ages that the theme on this one is limited to the adult market as I think it’s great that someone else is giving pinball a shot in today’s age. I am not meaning to play down what Stern has done in keeping pinball alive but at the same time I think that competition is a great thing. Granted with only 100 kits going out it’s not really posing much competition for Stern but they have to start somewhere if that is their goal.

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