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Looking back at General Computer Corp.

December 1, 2009

When you think of influential companies in the arcade industry from the 80’s, you might not have GCC come to mind right at first, unless you are a classic game buff. But whether you know about GCC or not, they did play an important albeit somewhat brief role in the arcade industry back in the 80’s and the talent they had on-board was even coveted by the mighty Activision. Most of GCC’s history runs with Atari Corp as they developed a number of games for their home consoles (GCC even developed the Atari 7800), but they also developed a couple of arcade titles including Food Fight and a vector game called Quantum. The most significant contribution they made to the arcade gaming industry however was Ms. Pac-Man. They got their start making a mod of Missile Command called Super Missile Attack and they would later modify Pac-Man to create what became Ms. Pac-Man (it was actually called Crazy Otto at first, they approached Midway with the idea who bought it and made it into Ms. Pac-Man and later Namco would receive the rights of the game as GCC and Midway looked to avoid a legal battle).

In case you are interested in seeing what went on behind the scenes at GCC, one of guys who worked at GCC has a photo album online that covers a variety of events that went on at GCC, from flag pole meetings to parties, conventions and more. Apparently this photo album has been online for the past few years but only now are we hearing about it thanks to GameSetWatch and Rotheblog.When it comes to their titles, I have played a number of GCC developed titles on the Atari 7800 but I have never seen an arcade version of Food Fight or Quantum (supposedly only 500 of these were made so they are fairly rare and it is highly sought after by collectors) so I can’t say much about those although I would like to play them. Also at the next California Extreme their third and unreleased arcade title Nightmare will be making an appearance to the public for the first time, I believe. Nightmare is the game that is probably pictured above at GCC’s arcade development station (the one with the TRON controls)

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Haunted Ms. Pac-Man machine returns to Craigslist

June 30, 2008

[Thanks to reader Adam for the tip!, image via random search on flickr]

I’m not sure how many times this has shown up on a classifieds website before but once again the haunted Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine is up for grabs on Craigslist Boston. There is no witty commentary to go along with it, just that the machine is haunted and the seller wants it out of their house by tonight so someone else can pick it up and see if there really is a ghost (well, four ghosts to be precise) in the machine or not. At least it’s a free game but chances are that it’s pretty beat up but it’s hard to say since there is no picture provided by the seller. I always hate that, especially in this time where practically everything mobile and electronic has a camera built into it.

So, who wants to bet how long it will be before we see this again? I have my doubts about it, even if it’s the same machine but we’ll have to wait and see. If it’s really that evil I imagine that someone would just burn it (like a witch, har har) or shred it or something to ‘finish her’. I am surprised that no one has found those Berzerk machines that killed players off and is auctioning them, of course proving such a thing (that it was the official Machine of Death) would be next to impossible to do (although two Berzerk players did die in separate incidents when playing the game).

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Free haunted Ms Pac Man cabinet anyone?

March 11, 2008


Normally I wouldn’t think twice about accepting a free arcade cabinet, but after I read this I had to think twice. I don’t totally believe in the whole ghost thing, but why else would someone give something like this away? Read on for the full story….

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Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Countertop Coin-op game

November 8, 2007


[Image via BMIGaming Via The Stinger Report]

We posted about this a little while ago, but I forgot to post my impressions about the game as I recently had a chance to see one in person. Namco has released another Pac-Man cabinet for arcades but this one is quite a bit smaller than your standard arcade cab – it’s meant for countertops. By using a high-quality LCD screen they have basically taken the large 25th anniversary edition of the game and stuffed it into thismore compact and space saving box. It actually looks really nice in person and plays just as you would expect it too, although the joystick itself is a little bit small so an avid Pac-Man player may have to get used to that. This unit also has Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga available to play. There are two units, one for coin-op and one for home, the home edition being slightly cheaper due to the lack of coin-mechs. Now I would like to see Namco release a coin-op version of Pac-Man CE (available on Xbox Live Arcade) as Pac-Man belongs in a real arcade!

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