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Raw Thrills to release Super Bikes 2 this September

July 29, 2010

Prototype rendering of Super Bikes 2

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A short time ago when I heard about the creation of a new, smaller cabinet for Terminator Salvation (which we still haven’t been able to obtain any photos of) I also heard that Raw Thrills’ was updating their Super Bikes game (originally released in 2007) with a new cabinet and a major update to the software. What I wasn’t told is that the update was actually a full sequel to their wildly successful motorbike game(a game that sold over 9000 units worldwide, the source which originally told me about the new cabinet suggested).

As for Super Bikes 2, the first obvious upgrade from the original we see is the addition of a 42″ LCD screen (same thing Namco’s Nirin uses). The graphics will be getting an upgrade, there will be more tracks than the original had I am told, but for now that is all we know. I imagine that they will maintain the aspect of pulling off stunts in mid-air but we will need to wait and see. Super Bikes 2 is scheduled for a release in September.

UPDATE: The Fast and Furious license is not being used on this game so it’s just Super Bikes 2, sorry about the error earlier.

Source: Highway Games