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MoCap Sports makes another public appearance with more features

June 22, 2009



Konami’s return to the motion capture arena is back in Japanese arcades again, testing out the concept to see how players take to it in a post-Wii Sports world. Last time we saw Mocap Sports it only featured a baseball game but this time they have added boxing and tennis to what it can do and they have also removed a net that was in place last time. This still looks like a good mood to me – while Konami had tried mocap games a few years before the Wii came along, the Wii showed that with a game like Wii Sports people will soak that up like a sponge. We’ll have to see how the experience Konami offers compares to Nintendo’s fare but it’s not like they have to try very hard to do that as long as they can get people to play.

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