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First image of Metal Gear Solid Arcade

June 4, 2009


After the news broke in April that there maybe a Metal Gear Solid coming to arcades, we have been waiting eagerly for the next bit of news. Next up, for us to drawl over, is the first image of the game’s cabinet. And it does not disappoint. Very Metal Gear to say the least.

The other morsel of information is the games tag line; Tactical Online Action. Which would suggest that the game may follow the route of the PS3 online only game. Come on Konami, stop teasing us and spill the beans!

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Metal Gear Coming to Arcades soon?

April 11, 2009


[Thanks to Jon Cox for the tip]

First Konami gave us Silent Hill: The Arcade and then CastleVania – could Metal Gear be the next in Konami’s line-up of console to arcade releases? It just might happen, according to information uncovered on some trademarks thanks to gaming site Kotaku. There are two trademarks that have been registered for services that include arcades/coin-operated video games, namely Metal Gear and Tactical Online Action.   Since details are sparse we can only guess as to what it is Konami is cooking up but I’d say that this is quite likely since arcade companies don’t tend to register a hoax under arcade machines. We can assume that the game will use Konami’s e-Amusement online network and I do wonder then if it might involve some sort of cross-play between arcades and consoles, say for Metal Gear Solid Online. Hopefully we should find out more very soon.

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UPDATE (6/4/09): Konami announced Metal Gear Arcade at E3 and we have a newer post that includes some in-game screenshots of the game in action. Screenshots will not be able to accurately portray the game however as the cabinet will employ special 3D goggles for a 3D pop-out effect. The new post can be found here.