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Pentavision and Pipeline Games merge to become Pentavision Global

August 26, 2010

Photo of the merger being finalized via CoinOpToday

A short time ago I noticed that the Pipeline Games website was completely down and it seemed to be staying that way. That didn’t bode well for the brand new company who had brought some quirky games to Amusement Expo earlier this year. The disappearance of the website has been solved today however as another amusement company based in South Korea, Pentavision, announced that they and Pipeline Games have merged to create a new company called Pentavision Global.

If you are not familiar with Pentavision, they are the company who has given us the DJ Max Technika series but not much else beyond that particular game and it’s sequels. Pipeline doesn’t have a huge roster of content either – there was a novelty video product called The Grip Strength at Amusement Expo, bowling game and a mini-crane machine which will be released soon. With the merger, it is mentioned that the new PG will focus on “in‐house product development and strategic licensing of coin operated amusement games” but we will have to wait and see what those will be beyond the upcoming DJ Max Technika 2 (which was announced for a December release today BTW). This should guarantee that anything that Pentavision does will be making it’s way to the US as the Pipeline offices will be converted over to the US arm of Pentavision Global. We’re not sure where that leaves PM Studios, who have been taking care of DJMT in the US previously and whether they will continue to work with Pentavision on that.

Either way we hope that the merger will lead to more innovative games hitting the arcade market in the near future, so good luck to the new Pentavision in that endeavor.

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Sega not for sale

March 6, 2008

Recently there has been a lot of talk regarding mergers and buy-outs between big gamesegasonic.jpg publishers in the gaming industry, such as with Activision and Vivendi or EA trying to buy-out T2. As such people have brought up the notion of Sega being bought out due to some recent disappointing financial results but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, according to Sega Sammy’s US chief executive, Simon Jeffery. From a Reuters interview with Jeffery:

“That’s not an area we want to play in right now. We have no interest in being acquired, we are very happy with our position right now.”

“There is plenty of room for smaller companies to be successful and profitable in this business. You don’t have to be number one or number two. You can be number six very happily”

If a merger or buy-out were to occur, this would of course affect the US arcade division of the company. The only other arcade company that is owned by a major publisher for console/PC games is Taito, who are owned by Square.

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