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Gamespot segment about arcades

August 27, 2008

Here’s something you don’t see everyday but it does relate to what Editor of The Stinger Report has been telling us about the consumer game media – that the appeal of Street Fighter IV has caught a lot of people off guard and even though it still isn’t ‘officially’ available outside of Japan due to Capcom dropping the ball (they just say that things are “difficult outside of Japan” which is code for not trying very hard) many players want to get their hands on the game (my local distributor has been getting a lot of calls about it). Fortunately this is bringing some needed media attention to arcades and even Gamespot has created a short but mostly positive segment about arcades where they visit one particular arcade in California called Starbase-1. That was definently a good choice as they have quite a few new titles, including Need for Speed Carbon. Hopefully the marketing departments of the various arcade developers out there are taking note of this, while a lot of attention might be going to SFIV, I think the more open attitude is a perfect opportunity to point out new games coming from other manufacturers.

The segment on arcade’s is about 20 min into the video, right after the bit on the new NHL game, the show is called ‘On the Spot’. Unfortunately due to the rules about embedding on WordPress I can’t show it here, but here is the link to the video.

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Big Buck Hunter Media Event

April 30, 2008

[Via The Stinger Report and Betson]

About a week and a half ago, Betson held a media event in New York City they called the “New York Media Night” where they showcased the new Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix game Big Buck Safari and the latest version of BBHPro Online. Writers from AOL, CNet and the AP attended the event and played the games as Betson sought to bring some mainstream media attention to the latest arcade offerings.

I think it’s great for companies to reach out to more media outlets and drum up some rapport with them. I still believe that one of the greatest weaknesses of the coin-op industry is in marketing. Just compare it to the game console industry and it’s not hard to see the differences. Of course one thing is that console developers hype their games up leading up to a release whereas arcade developers seem to focus on bringing it up after the game is on the streets. Anyways, hit the post break for the full press release.

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