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More Guitar Hero cabinets from Brazil

August 12, 2010

During my recent trip to Brazil I came across a number of Guitar Hero cabinets, produced by Brazilian game distributor Diverbras. I also came across a Rock Band 2 cabinet and a couple of different Street Fighter IV setups. None of them are authorized by the parent companies but those companies haven’t seemed compelled to take an issue with these creations and that of course is leaving the door open for others to try the same thing. Enter Master Play, another Brazilian distribution company and cabinet builder, who has a couple of Guitar Hero cabinets of their own to offer. They also have produced cabinets for a soccer game called Arena Gol, but the site doesn’t show the actual game and whether it’s based upon their own software or someone else’s.  I have a hunch that they produced some cabinets that I came across when at a mall there, as I found some unique JAMMA cabinets that had 32″ LCDs and were plastered with artwork that seems to fit the Master Play style.

I hope that eventually these companies can layoff of producing such bootlegs and come up with their own software or get a Brazilian software company to produce something for them. Or just stick to building stylish JAMMA cabinets.

[Master Play website]