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Pinball and the Sea-side arcade are alive and well in Bournemouth

January 20, 2009


For those of you who are into your pinball, you are probably more than aware of a great site called Pinball News. One of thier writers was fortunate enough to be able to go and check out the Bournemouth Pier arcade whilst away on work. Not only did this location have 3 pinball tables it was also very well maintained with technicians working on machines and keeping the place in good working order. I have to say this is nice to hear as so many arcades you visit always has a few machines out of action. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a game you haven’t played for years, only to get closer to the game and realise it doesn’t work. Check out the full location review over at Pinball News.

Also recently added to the site is one of thier excellent in depth looks at the new CSI table from Stern.

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A look at the Game Galaxy Arcade, Tennessee

November 13, 2008


It’s always great to keep the arcade reviews coming, and today we have a look at the Game Galaxy Arcade in Antioch, Tennessee. The Game Galaxy is located in a mall and is another arcade you can throw on the list of those who eschew redemption games in favor of something else, which in this case is game consoles. They hold competitions on the consoles regularly too and they also have a number of arcade fighters there, including Tekken 6. They also have The Grid, which is a game I’d like to get my hands on one day; and 6 pinball machines on site as well. We’ve added the Game Galaxy to our location reviews section and you can see more by clicking below.

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Location Review: Funland Trocadero, London

November 4, 2008


Finally! This is something I’ve been meaning to do for longer than i care to mention.

Hit the jump at the bottom of this post for my Funland picture overload!

Funland Trocadero is a big place, so big it’s hard to describe the layout of the place, but essentially there are 5 main floors (I think!). The first floor you come across, after travelling up the main escalator, has mostly new games which include the following; UFO Catchers, DDR, Afterburner Climax, Manic Panic Ghost, TSUmo, Sega Rally 3, Fast and the Furious Super Bikes, Battle Gear 4, Need for Speed Underground, Ford Racing, Primeval Hunt, Wartran Troopers, Rambo, Time Crisis 4, Let’s Go Jungle, House of the Dead 4, Panzer Elite, Lethal Enforcers 3, Big Buck Pro and multiple pushers.

A row of back to back fighters can be found on the floor below as well as a Tekken 6. Every time I’ve been to Funland there has always been a crowd of guys down here gauranteed. Also on this floor are some fruit machines as well as Mario Kart GP, Gaelco Football, Virtua Striker 4, a 2 car Outrun 2 Super Deluxe and another Time Crisis 4. Oh and also a game called Percussion Master, which i don’t think I’ve seen before.

If you head back up and follow the pathway around you walk past the bowling alley and a pool bar as well as a bunch of cranes, a Guitar Freaks and a Pump it Up. Head down half a dozen steps and you are in probably what is the biggest floor which is mainly made up of a lot of redemption pieces, pool tables, an 8 player Daytona, a 4 player WCCF, an 8 player Derby Owners Club, deluxe 4 player Outrun 2’s & Ford Racing’s and a twin Mario Kart GP 2. The rest of the games that make up this floor includes Beat Mania 3rd Mix, Virtua Fighter 4 Evo, Hyper Bishi Bashi Champ, another Pump It Up and an Airline Pilots.

(Sorry if this is just sounding like a long list of games, but it’s very rare that I’ll ever get so many pics and remember all the games there, so I figured it would a good idea to write them all down.)

Moving on swiftly then, and on to the floor below this. Apart from the bumper cars in the middle, this floor is packed full of new and old videos. Starting with the new there is an Alien Extermination, a Paradise Lost, Maximum Tune 3, Initial D 4, Blazing Angels, Virtua Tennis 3, Ghost Squad Evo and NASCAR to sink some coins into. For those looking for something a little more aged and perhaps different there are games like Point Blank, Virtua Striker 2, Virtua NBA, some more old skool fighters (sorry can’t remember what they were), Star Wars Racer, Star Wars Trilogy, House of the Dead, another 8 player Daytona, F355 Challenge and Land High Japan?!?

Just few steps down from here is the final piece of the maze that is Funland. This floor does not disappoint either, with a 4 car Outrun 2 Super Deluxe, Silent Hill Arcade, a range of Dancing games as well as some rarer pieces like Manx TT,  MTV Drumscape, Muzan and Ninja Assault.

So that’s what is there, but how does it rate as an arcade? Well obviously it up there with the best in terms of variety of games and it’s very rare to see any of these machine out of order. I think my only complaint about Funland is that if you haven’t been there before it’s very easy to get lost in the multiple floors and the one way escalator system. But hey, I can’t think of a better place to get lost!

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Tokyo Game Action Site Review & their 5th anniversary

August 1, 2008

A short time ago, we were contacted by Andrew McGuire, of Tokyo Game Action, an arcade in Winchendon, MA where their focus is Japanese arcade gaming. In addition to Japanese arcades they also have a café that serves Japanese food and they also have several bowling lanes to play on. If you love Japanese games then this is one awesome place to find them. I have written a review of the site up thanks to some pictures that they sent to me, which you can read by clicking here or the link below.

In related news, Tokyo Game Action is also celebrating their 5th anniversary since opening. This is a great milestone for any business but it’s also worth pointing it out where arcades are concerned since some people seem to enjoy pointing it out when arcades close. Congrats to TGA for 5 years and here’s to many more!

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Location review – Sunrise Fun Center in Sacramento, CA

March 20, 2008


Here’s another picture review of a small arcade in California thanks to our friend Dan on the KLOV Forums. This is of the Sunrise Fun Center in Sacramento, California, USA, a small amusement park that has mini-golf, go karts, boat bumper cars and of course, a small arcade. While they don’t have anything new about, they have a number of solid games that are fun to play. Hit the link below to jump to the review page.

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Location Review – Galaxy World, Sydney

February 23, 2008


(More picture after the break)

The second arcade I visited whilst I was in Australia, which was called Galaxy World, had a great selection of games. The most exciting for me had to be Stern Pinball’s Wheel of Fortune. This was the first time I had seen the game, or played it for that matter, and it did not fail to impress, I think I sunk about thirty bucks in to it during my stay.


Location Review – Kingpin Bowling Lounge, Sydney

February 17, 2008

Some of you may remember that I was over in Sydney for Christmas and I mentioned that I visited a few arcades whilst I was out there. Well here is the first of two long over due reviews.

First up I came across Kingpin Bowling Lounge which was situated in Darling Harbour, Sydney. This place was obviously, as you can tell from the photos below, very new and had a really funky design and layout. Instead of the usual row of 30 odd lanes, this place had them broken up into sets of four which gave it a nice intimate feel.

Enough of the bowling and on to the games. The first thing that hit me was how spaced out all the machines were. They definitely could have put some more machines into the space they had. Maybe I’m just being greedy. As for the standard of the machines; they were in great condition, as you would expect from a newly opened complex. On offer were old favourites like Daytona along with some newer games like Mario Kart, Time Crisis 4, Warzaid, Superbikes and Alien Extermination. Also on site were a couple of other classics in the shape of a multi-game retro cocktail cabinet, a crane and a basketball shooting game.

This place is definatley worth checking out if your ever in the neigbourhood, especially if your out with a group of friends. A very cool place indeed!




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No Country for Old Arcades Video – Arcade Infinity

February 14, 2008

We have mentioned Jared Rea of Gametap a couple of times already – he is going around the country visiting arcades and giving them some mainstream coverage, proving that arcades aren’t “totally dead”  as the mantra seems to go. While browsing YouTube I found a video tour of an arcade under the No Country for Old Arcades title called Arcade Infinity in LA. Arcade Infinity looks like a much larger version of the Japan Arcade I posted about a little while ago – lots of Bemani games, a number of candy cabs and racers but overall it looks cool. See for yourself below! Video posted by Youtube user jaredrea.

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Scanida Grand Arcade California – Location Review

January 30, 2008


Here’s another location review complete with pictures, this time from the Scandia Family Fun Center. In addition to a lot of fun activities they have on hand such as mini-golf, lazertag and more, they also happen to have a large arcade with a wide variety of cool games. Ht the link below to check it out.

Click here to visit the Scandia Grand Arcade page, complete with pictures (and directions)!

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Japan Arcade – Little Tokyo Los Angeles

January 29, 2008


We haven’t had many location reviews to speak of lately as it’s difficult to go everywhere and write about all of the arcades. Fortunately we do come across information on some arcades out there and I thought that this one in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles was certainly worth mentioning. Called Japan Arcade, it recreates an authentic arcade – from Japan. I haven’t been there but thanks to Dana Chen, we have a trove of pictures that you can check out if you’d like to drop by in case you ever pass by Little Tokyo.

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