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Links for the weekend: New test for Metal Gear, Arcade Propaganda Posters + more

July 31, 2010

I am needing to catch up on some newsfeeds from the Stinger and in the interest of time I will combine what I can into one post.

Before that though AM.Net has some good links this morning, first with Famitsu’s pics from the most recent location test on Konami’s Metal Gear Arcade. They have modified the cabinets to include a set of 3D glasses on the back of the chair (like they did with Roadfighters 3D) so that someone standing by can see the effect as well. This version of the game had seven playable missions along with team play.

Also Game Watch has a report on the Pengo test by Sega. It sounds like the game really shines when there are eight people involved but it can hold it’s own as a one player game since it still follows the familiar Pengo formula of kicking ice blocks around to smash your enemies. What are your thoughts on them splitting the eight players up among four cabinets though? Would it be less feasible to build something like this?

Now for the Stinger feeds. Newsfeed 887 : Mount Rainier Man Sees Art in Restoring Old Arcade Games. In classic arcade fan circles there are a couple of different categories – those who collect, those who MAME, and those who restore. That many not be completely definitive but it’s close enough and this article discusses the latter of the three as they interview Joe Brewer, a man who began restoring cabinets after picking up a Ms. Pac-Man machine and has been restoring old games ever since.

Newsfeed 888: Arcade Propaganda Posters Calendar. I still want to pick up some of those great arcade game propaganda posters for my arcade but so are many other things on my to-do list. The artist behind the posters has complied his work into a calendar so you can enjoy a different one on a monthly basis, at least until 2011 is over.

UPDATE: I almost forgot to add that Sega’s latest earnings report has their amusement division up 24% over last year and making a profit. You can see info on that starting with page 5 of this report.