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Sega announces Hummer Standard availability

February 1, 2010

We don’t normally see press releases come along on a Sunday but sometimes, they just happen. Sega Amusements USA has announced the availability of HUMMER Standard edition, which was seen at both IAAPA and EAG. While a price wasn’t included in the press release (which it never is for arcade titles), I have found at least one distributor selling it for just under $7000, which is considerably less than the $36,500 asking price on the deluxe edition which was released last year.

I’m not sure how many other operators feel that the market is becoming a bit over saturated with racers (I suppose there’s the mentality that you can never have enough racers too) I did find HUMMER to be an enjoyable game when I played it at IAAPA. Graphically it’s quite detailed and colorful and while it may not be Sega Rally 3, it’s still good enough to turn heads. It will also probably be one of the last Lindbergh powered titles we’ll see.

As such, I have moved HUMMER Standard on the 2010 game release list to “Already Available”

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Sega releases R-Tuned: Ultimate Street Racing in the US

January 27, 2009


Sega’s new drift racing game is now available for purchase in the US, according to several different distributor websites. I know that several readers here have been anticipating this one but in case you have missed out on info concerning Sega’s latest racer, you can click here for the post where we found out about this game back in June; here for a November update; and here for the appearance of the game at IAAPA. As a side note, Sega has changed the color of the cabinet from a mostly green color scheme to blue but we do not know if they have changed much on the game since there weren’t many reports on how this played before hand. The game does employ an IC card system, even here in the US so one can save their progress to a card. I wonder how many more games will be using Sega’s Lindbergh hardware and if they will start giving Europa some more love throughout the rest of this year.

From the looks of it, most distributors are charging about $7400 for the game but it always pays to shop around, even as an operator.

We have moved R-Tuned up to “Already Released” from “Upcoming” on our Master Release Game List for 2009.

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R-Tuned website update

July 27, 2008

Sega has updated the official Japanese website for R-Tuned: Ultimate Street Racing, adding some screenshots, a couple of short video clips and information on how the game is played. Amusingly, the cabinet lighting changes through seven colours according to what is happening on screen and the bass beat. The game features 16 courses, set in the Shibuya and Shinjuku districts of Tokyo as well as Hong Kong and New York, which have apparently been accurately reproduced. The game appears to be quite heavy on drifting and boosting and looks to have captured the sensation of speed well, but the screenshots suggest that each race is contested by just four cars. The game features a cameo from Sonic the Hedgehog, with the spiky blue bushpig appearing on the livery of a particular car.

All very good, of course, but I’m hankering after a Rambo website update. After all, we’ve been talking about it for what seems like an age now, and it’s been two months since I went and played the thing at a location test! But no, infuriatingly the site remains nothing more than a “coming soon” message. Anyhow, enough of my ranting – you should check the R-Tuned site out for yourselves, which you can do at the link below.

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R-Tuned Ultimate Street Racing by Sega

June 27, 2008

(click on the image to enlarge it, via Aries Small Rooms)

First there was Tokyo Drift, then Need For Speed Carbon and now Sega is throwing it’s hat into the street racing arena with another new racing game called R-Tuned Ultimate Street Racing. There is very little information on the game at the moment other than a teaser site announcing it’s location test in Japan which starts today and goes until the 29th. The game is developed by AM2 and runs on the Lindbergh hardware and it uses a modified RaceTV cabinet. There is a teaser site up for the game that you can visit by clicking below and one site already has had a look at the game where they report that the game employs a save card system and even has drifting in it. I think this makes 12 racers I know of coming to arcades in some form but we’re putting together a master list of arcade releases in the forum and so it might end up being more once we have it all written down.

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