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Oh boy: Woman sues Chuck E. Cheese for getting hit by a stray air hockey puck

February 20, 2010


The other day I came across an article about some people who got into a fight at Chuck E. Cheese again, this time over a dispute at a vending machine. I decided not to post it because it isn’t anything new – we have covered the stupidity that some people display when they are at CEC before and it’s usually the same story.

But thanks to this news today, I had a reason to discuss the story above. At least the news today is something different, something that involves a lawsuit instead of a brawl. A woman who was hit on the head by a stray air hockey puck is suing Chuck E. Cheese’s – not the person who hit the puck too hard but the company who hosted the air hockey table. According to the news report, she is suing because she got hit in the head which then caused “a head injury and memory loss.” She claims that CEC is at fault because they didn’t setup adequate protection between the booth and the air hockey table. The puck in use was also claimed to be larger than the standard puck seen on air hockey tables, which would be unusual for a place like CEC to use on their tables – unless of course the person playing was using their own puck for some reason. Who knows if we will hear how this case turns out but what are your thoughts? CEC doesn’t have a comment yet so the news story only covers the woman’s side of it; Puck’s will only fly off a table when hit in a certain way – usually with too much force and at a certain angle. If the puck in this case was indeed a professional puck that is heavier than a standard puck then it would require even more effort to send flying off the table. I certainly don’t appreciate it when players get too violent with the game but my own air hockey table isn’t anywhere near where a person would be sitting down to eat. At least a lot of newer air hockey tables have barriers on the side to help prevent some pucks from flying off but those won’t stop all stray pucks either. I’d love to know how the tables are setup there and how close they are to the booths.

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Parents file lawsuit over a Turret Tower at a Gameworks in Miami

June 27, 2009

If you have kids then one of those things you will worry about as a parent is them getting hurt. If you are a business owner and in particular an arcade operator, then you have to worry about kids getting hurt when perusing a game on the premises as you can be held liable in the event that something goes wrong. Such is the case with a Gameworks in Mttoweriami, where four different kids have somehow injured themselves on the machine in the past three years and now some parents are suing after a child’s leg was broken.

According to the article describing the injury of one particular child, somehow the leg of the child was caught between the chair and the card-swiper and it broke the child’s leg. I have seen a Turret Tower before but I have never played one and I do not know for sure how it is setup for taking credits and whether or not this particular Turret Tower is modified from the norm. It just seems slightly strange that there would be anything inside to allow for catching limbs while the game spins around. It obviously makes sense to have the mechanism for inserting coins or credits inside of the machine because stopping to get outside of the cabinet to continue can be troublesome (although the article goes as far as to say that it’s done to sucker kids into dumping all their cash into the game solely due to it’s position. Obviously they have never played TT as it’s not THAT great of a game) but what I would like to know is how common are injuries in Turret Tower machines and how many of those are due to a design flaw (either by the game or by modifications) and how many are due to user error. I’m not meaning to downplay the child’s injury at all, that obviously is bad but this game has been around for five years now and these games are tested beforehand to ensure that things like this don’t happen.

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