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Haunted Museum and KOFXII come to London (UPDATED w/ location pics)

May 23, 2009



UPDATE: The Stinger Report also sent us some images of the games in London but I accidentally overlooked the attachments.

hmuse2 hmuse3 hmuse1


kofxii2 kofxii3

The Stinger Report has sent us the rundown on two new arcade titles that are headed to the UK and specifically London. The first is Haunted Museum, which we first heard about at IAAPA but since then there had been no information on the game; the second is the well-known fighter King Of Fighters XII. The Stinger says the following about Taito’s Haunted Museum:

The twin gun game theatre experience incorporates impressive 3D graphics, special vibrating guns and a level of play that will give Rambo and House of the Dead a run for their money.

To get a better idea of those graphics, click on the thumbnails below (images via ITMedia).  As for the cabinet, I noticed that it follows Konami’s recent light-gun game designs, as was seen with Silent Hill and Castlevania (ok, CV isn’t technically a light-gun game). I also wonder if the Haunted Museum theme has anything to do with “Night at the Museum” with a weird edge. The themes are quite varied, from Egypt, to killer clowns to space battles so at the very least it offers something for everyone.

hauntedmuseum02 hauntedmuseum04 hauntedmuseum03 hauntedmuseum05

Some King of Fighters XII news

April 8, 2009



April is the month that King Of Fighters XII finally arrives and with that there are a couple of things that are worth mentioning.

 First remember to check out the official Japanese website for the game for any updates. I know that we have mentioned the site before but the nice thing about these official sites is they start out as teasers and slowly build up from there so if you need a KOF12 fix then that is one place guaranteed to have screens of the game and more.

Second, would you like to have your own KOF12 arcade machine? I sure would and if you are good at fighters and particularly fighters in the vein of KOF, then you have a chance to win one. Evo and Iginition are teaming up to bring the first KOF12 tournament to the US. The grand prize is the aforementioned KOF12 arcade machine and the tournament will be held as a stand-alone event, separate from Evolution that is taking place in July.  The KOF12 tourney will take place at 12PM on May 30th at Element in Hollywood, CA. They will hold a 128-man single elimination tournament which you can sign up for here. They also note that the Tilt in Portland, Ore. has a KOF12 machine – I am not sure if any other locations in the US do at this time. More info on this great KOF12 tourney can be found here.

[Discuss on the Forums] interviews KOFXII producer Maasaki Kukinko

March 24, 2009



A lot of people are excited about SNK’s upcoming King Of Fighters XII. I am one of them although I do admit that my enthusiasm for the game has been dampered a little bit by the impending console release in the US on July 7th (the game is scheduled to be released in arcades in Japan in April) and it seems like they have decided to use the VS. format only for the game like SFIV which means that operators have to buy two units, thus increasing the cost of investment on the game (in the comments fubarduck says otherwise). Despite those problems (from my operator point of view), it  still looks like a great game so I look forward to playing it either way.

Anyways, there is an interview up on French gaming site Jeuxactu with the producer of KOFXII, Maasaki Kukinko. They talk about HD graphics and the decision to stick with 2D art for this one, how the gameplay compares to other KOF games (it appears that they are trying to make it feel more like KOF98) and more. Hit the link below for the translation.

[Maasaki Kukinko Interview – Jeuxactu] [Discuss on the Forum]

Stop…Roster Time!

December 31, 2008


(Thanks to Phil on the forums for the tip)

The roster for the upcoming installment of the King of Fighters XII has been released and for those interested, you can find out all the details of each character, including measurements, birthdate, and more (if you understand Japanese). I am surprised to only see 20 characters on the roster (I’m used to KOF 98 where there is twice that but I admit that I haven’t played the newest installments of the gamesince 2003) but even with a smaller roster than some  KOF titles, it has many fan favorites and is overall a well-rounded line-up. Hit the link below to check out the site

[KOFXII Roster] [Discuss on the Forum]