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KOF Versus Festival previews King of Fighters XIII

May 16, 2010

Earlier this month, a large Japanese King of Fighters tournament was held, taking in classics such as KOF2002UM and KOF98. However, the big point of attraction was a special preview tournament for the upcoming King of Fighters XIII! Top players were given the chance to battle it out on the latest entry in SNK’s classic series. Check out a video of the finals below!

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King of Fighters XIII official site updated detailing characters, story, moves and more

March 30, 2010

(Thanks to Aaron Auzins for the info)

In case you are eagerly anticipating the arrival of SNK’s next installment of the King of Fighters series then you’ll be happy to know that the official site for the game has now been updated with quite a bit of information. Details range from the storyline, most of the character roster (one cool thing about this is that it shows the characters in animation as they will probably appear in the game), move sets and even videos. According to Aaron:

…the mechanics involve the typical system with the standard SNK commands of dashing, backstepping and the like with KoF’s four-button scheme while
detailing throw escapes, guard cancels, usage of the power gauge, EX special maneuvers (w/video at and a hyperdrive mode that allows for some pretty tricky combos (w/video at

Hopefully these features as well as the nice character roster (which will feature 31 different fighters at least) will be enough to propel this game above what KOF12 was in the eyes of many fans. Also as a sidenote, the next location test for the game will be showing off a version that is 90% complete, according to this site

[King of Fighters XIII – Official Japanese site]

SNK Playmore announces King of Fighters XIII along with a preview event date

February 25, 2010

The King of Fighters series is something that you expect to see a new version of in arcades about every year or so, like Golden Tee. It may not be the most popular fighter series out there but it does have a loyal fanbase (something I have been surprised at with my own KOF98 which a few weeks was my top earning game even though it’s only on one token). So fans should be pleased to hear that SNK Playmore has announced KOF XIII for arcades. At the moment the only hint about the game is that it will continue the 2D trend and it will run on the Type X2 hardware. Rumor has it the game will be released in April – hopefully they give it more time in arcades than they did XII which came out on consoles two months later (this is the biggest problem I have with most fighters right now, they aren’t giving them enough exclusive time in arcades)  We’ll find out more when SNK holds a public press event on March 25th, until then did you care about KOF XII at all? I haven’t heard many good things about it after it came out on consoles but I also haven’t had a chance to play it yet. So let’s do a poll!

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