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KOF 2002 Unlimited Match released in Japan

July 15, 2009



In May we reported that King of Fighters 2002 was going to get it’s own upgrade similar to what SNK did for KOF98 last year and the day has already arrived where the game is available in Japan for arcades and the Playstation 2. The updated version naturally sports new graphics and sounds and while I am not sure if there are any major roster changes it has a substantial number of characters to choose from just like you had with the original game.  They also state in the press release that there are new skills and techniques to be found in this game so it will be offering a slightly different (and I imagine improved) game for fans of the original. This also uses the System Board Y2, which is a low-end piece of arcade hardware that was announced in Japan earlier this year. From the specs on the hardware it looks like the arcade version should be capable of looking slightly nicer than the PS2 version but chances are it won’t be a gigantic difference.

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