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The new Trans-Force 3D entertainment complex for kids – Kids-Force

December 17, 2008


Hot on the trail of their showcase at IAAPA, Russian entertainment outfit Trans-Force has announced a new interactive entertainment platform for kids that combines entertainment and education into one package that is intended for any sort of facility kids my frequent – from FECs and other gaming zones to zoos and aquariums. Called Kid-Force, this interactive theater will work for one child or a group and it can run a variety of different games in a relatively small space (10 square meters). According to the release:

n either event you are free to choose voyages of discovery in Space, Underwater, Pre-history, Battle-mission, Fairy-tales etc. etc. All the participants get involved and become part of the interactive 3D environment. They are able to control the space ship and the route that voyage should take, fire rockets in attack or defence, take pictures of virtual world inhabitants and communicate with them, decide where to go and solve different quizzes.

It might be motion-based like their Trans-Force platform that was shown at IAAPA, but it certainly could be quite an attraction for places that are looking to install something more interactive as part of the experience. More details on this one after the jump, discuss it on the forum or visit the Kids-Force website.