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Flyer for Jet Ball

September 24, 2008

A few days ago I was sent some pictures of a new game called Jet Ball by The Stinger Report which reminded me that I played the game at AMOA and I also picked up a flyer for it too, but I had forgotten to scan it in. The pictures the company sent out in the press release were the same as in the flyer so I figure that I may as well show you the whole flyer. I did post a video of this in action, you can find it here in case you missed it. It’s a little bit like foosball but with air jets and only one controller – it does take some getting used to but it’s a cool idea and I always am happy to see someone go in a direction that is a little bit different from the rest. Many operators also will like the fact that it can do ticket payouts and bar owners would be happy with the cup holders that the representative at the booth told me was made for holding your beer.

Click on the images to expand them. I did pick up a few other fliers from the show, when I find the time I will scan those in too.

BTW- I love that line “The game of the future”, it reminds of a few funny lines from my favorite TV show, Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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