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The making of a homebrew pinball machine + new iPhone pinball app

December 24, 2009

While homebrew video games are a dime a dozen these days, homebrew pinball machines are quite rare as there are more people out there willing to make their own video game than their own pinball game. Making a fun and playable pinball machine is not an easy endeavor – I am not claiming that a homebrew video game is either but even though I ama bigger fan of video games than pinball, I find homebrew pinball machines to be a cooler item. I actually have thought about designing my own pinball machine for fun, I’ve even drawn out the playfield, created some rule sets and planned out some unique things I haven’t seen in pinball games before. But that is much easier said than done as you have to get the physics right, the electronics to work properly and I just lack those things known as time and money to start putting something together.

Fortunately for us, there are people out there who are working on some homebrew pinball machines of their own and are documenting the process. In particular I am finding these recent videos by Jeri Ellsworth to be worth the time to watch as she goes over her pinball design on a daily basis. She is taking a number of parts from older pinball machines and throwing them together to create something unique (kind of like a kitbash with models). Here are three videos from her progress so far, I for one am looking forward to seeing the final product!

Also this might be of interest to pinball fans out there – there is a new app for the iPhone called Pinball Wizard, designed by the guy who made real pinball machines like Theater of Magic, Arabian Knights and Cirqus Voltaire. If you have an iPhone, this is worth checking out (thanks to Andrew for tipping me off on this one!)

Big Buck Hunter Pro iPhone app (with an arcade finder) UPDATED

October 27, 2009


While there have been many new games on the Apple iPhone which are conversions of an arcade game in some form or another, we have not seen many modern arcade ports to the platform. That is about to change with the release of Big Buck Hunter Pro for the iPhone by developer Super Happy Fun Fun. In this handheld iteration of the coin-op title, you take your shots by simply touching the screen and the rules work out just like the arcade version by shooting three bucks while avoiding the does. It also includes some of the mini-game bonus rounds where players can practice their skills. arcade game finder

UPDATE: Super Happy Fun Fun elaborates on the similarties and differences between this and the arcade version in how the game plays:

The big difference is the controls but beyond that Play Mechanix provided SHFF the actual assets from BBHP arcade game. All of the models, voice and music is exactly the same. The 30 different sites were custom edited to better fit the pacing of the finger shooting style of the iPhone/touch.

The iPhone/touch version features the Whitetail Adventure and 3 of the arcade version’s bonus games but we have plans for releasing additional content.”

One very interesting aspect of this game that will set it apart from other arcade ports is the Arcade Finder function. By using the GPS capabilities of the iPhone, players will be able to find a Big Buck Hunter Pro Online unit near them, which could potentially lead to new players finding their way to the full-sized coin-op version. It also will allow players to create or update their BBH online account and they can even track their standings on both the iPhone and arcade leaderboards. As far as I know, this is the first time such functionality has been featured in an iPhone app (or at the very least, within a game) and I am trying to find out if this feature will be expanded to include Big Buck Safari and Open Season online units as well. The potential for this reaching new demographics via the iPhone user base is pretty high and on top of that the online features could prove to be a popular thing with BBH fans who may want an easier way to keep track of their online standings and that is a great thing for arcade operators.

UPDATE:  Super Happy Fun Fun confirmed to me today that the Arcade Finder feature is actually capable of finding all Big Buck units connected to the Coin-Up network, so yes, that will include online versions of Big Buck Safari and Big Buck Hunter Pro: Open Season. Also, the game is now available on the iTunes store today, so you can pick it up and see for yourself.

For a few more details on the game, including in-game screen shots, hit the link below.


Arcade iPhone Love

July 22, 2009


I recently picked up an iPod touch, mainly so I could play all these cool bite size games I keep hearing about, but also it was about time I upgraded my old iPod. There’s plenty of arcade style games available to download, but this particular one caught my. Remember those Love Tester machines you used to see in arcades and bars? Well now there’s one for the iPhone which was recently released for 59 pence / 99 cents. Love it!

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If the iPhone were a punching bag arcade machine

December 12, 2008

Whoever came up with the idea for the Dragon Punch-style game has to feel quite flattered right now, if they believe that imitation is the deepest form of flattery. Dragon Punch style iboxmachines are all over the place and they all are pretty popular. I imagine that when some people see this latest clone known as the iBoxer, it will turn heads and bring in the cash for the operator as it looks like a giant iPhone with a punching bag in front of it. I wonder what Apple will think of this- they could either throw a fit or buy a couple for their offices.

One of the cooler technological aspects I find in the iBoxer is not in the boxing part of the game since that has been done already but in the use of OLEDs. Of course OLEDs aren’t terribly new, the technology has been in use in one form or another for the past couple of years now although I haven’t known of any coin-operated equipment making use of the display technology since it is generally expensive(last time I checked). The nice thing about OLEDs however is the image quality of the display and the low power consumption they have and so it would be intriguing to see what they did for the iBoxer screen when it’s in action.Then again the only thing that changes in the images I’ve seen of the display are the regular LED scoreboard numbers so it’s unclear whether you can change all those other images and if not, I don’t see why they are using OLEDs. Until then, we’ll just have to wait for a video. The iBoxer also can come in either black or white and it’s even waterproof so it can be used outdoors.

The iBoxer is made by Kriss-Sport who is based out of Poland, their website with more details on the game are below.

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Another location test report on DJ Max Technika + news on an iPhone version of the game

December 9, 2008


Say what you will about DJ Max Technika, it certainly is generating a bit of excitement among players. This of course is why I think that there is great value in high-profile location tests as it gets people talking about the game. But I have already talked about that so onto the latest location test report for DMT. We had a report from one of our readers the other day and this one comes from Jared Rea  who is writing for The Escapist Magazine. It should be interesting to see how many more mainstream news gaming sites pick up on this game – it certainly will be more with the news that is revealed in Jared’s location test report – that PM Studios is also looking into making an iPhone version of the game. Hit the link below for the full report which includes more details on how the game plays along with some more on it’s music selection.

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