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Initial D5 gets a new trailer

April 23, 2009

Initial D5 is still on it’s way and it’s looking better and better with every new video. I’m not sure what ID5 is running on, it could be some version of Lindbergh but I have not yet seen a Lindbergh game with graphics this good (even R-Tuned, which is certainly the best one so far). I know that ID4 was released in the States and while I have not seen it at many arcades I have had people come in and ask for it. I’m sure that the fans will be lining up for ID5 as well.I recommend watching this in high quality by going straight to the video’s page.

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Initial D5 website updated

January 21, 2009



Sega Japan has updated the site for Initial D5 to include more info, screenshots and a promotional movie. It’s unclear exactly what is all new here (I am sure that hardcore fans of the game already know) but there is a new mode that involves online play that will only be used for a limited time and a new course for players to enjoy. The game certainly looks good for a Lindbergh powered game (I guess they still are holding off on using Europa for more than SR3) and hopefully we’ll find out soon when this will see a wider release.  

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