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Students in India start-up new company to make arcade titles

February 16, 2009

When it comes to places where arcades are bucking the downturn trend, India is one place that is making waves on that map, as we have previously reported. And perhaps thanks to that, arcade development in that country is also starting to increase, as seen in this story where two students spent all of their time building an arcade gamamachine for a contest instead of studying. They won the contest with a motorcycle racing game that used pnuematic controllers for realistic movement but when they couldn’t find a partner to create that, they went on to create a coin-operated type of kiosk that could easily convert any third-party PC game into an arcade title they call GaMa. Their first new game to use their idea is based upon T20 cricket (which is some sort of format for cricket adopted by the Indian Premier League) and it is currently testing at a few FECs in India.

It should be interesting to see how arcade development continues to grow in India. While the games we’ve seen come out of there so far have been made to cater to players in that country, I imagine that it won’t be long before we start seeing Indian developers making a push to sell their product internationally.   

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Dance Challenge, a new arcade game from India

September 29, 2008

It’s always a good thing when we see someone new join the arcade game creation business, and it’s just as cool when you see them come out of a country not yet known for their arcade games. We have covered a few things like this in the past and the trend continues, this time out of India. A company called FX Labs has released what they are calling India’s first arcade game, Dance Challenge. From the name it’s not difficult to surmise what the game is like – it’s based on foot-controlled bemani games with a four way dance pad(although the pictures show two diagonal arrows but they are not mentioned in the game’s description) but in addition to using the dance pad you can also use hand controls on the console.

For the playlist, it seems as though FX Labs has some good connections with “Tollywood” (having only heard

Try playing the game while levitating. Now THAT is a challenge!

Try levitating while playing. Now THAT is a challenge!

of Bollywood before and thinking that meant cinema in India was all labeled under that name, I looked them up and Tollywood refers to cinema in the Telugu language, apparently they are 2nd largest producers of cinema in India, just behind Bollywood) where it has 40 songs from hit movies out of Tollywood, combining music and film into the game. The game can also be easily upgraded with new songs/video to keep players coming for more and it can also be played with two players.

It would be interesting to see if Dance Challenge ends up anywhere outside of India, admittedly I’m not sure who would pick it up for importation. We also will keep an eye on FX Labs to see if they will come around with any other arcade titles, they seem to have a few PC games already under their belt (including a puzzle/strategy game – one of those genres that’s great in arcades but we haven’t seen any for a while now) too so who knows what they will do next.

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